Don't Buy Caramels Anymore…Make Your Own!

A few weeks ago, Jeff & I were talking about traditions and he remembered homemade caramels as a special Christmas time treat. Given my limited talent in the kitchen, I wasn’t sure if I could pull off Homemade Caramels or not.

The first batch didn’t turn out well. I didn’t have a candy thermometer, so getting the caramel to the proper temperature was a guess…and I didn’t guess so well! While it tasted really good, it was way too soft and had to be dumped. I guess we could have used it for a caramel topping of some sort, but it was just easier to start all over in this case.

After getting a candy thermometer, and giving it a second try, we were really pleased with the results. I was most pleased, though, that Jeff loved them!

Check out our yummy recipe & enjoy!


*1 cup unsalted butter

*1 lb. light brown sugar

*dash salt

*1 cup light corn syrup

*1 14oz can sweetened, condensed milk

*1 tsp. vanilla extract

What To Do:

*Melt butter in a heavy saucepan. Add brown sugar & salt. Stir until thoroughly combined.

*Stir in corn syrup & mix well.

*Gradually add milk, stirring constantly.

*Cook & stir over medium heat until candy reaches firm ball stage (245 on candy thermometer). This will take about 45 minutes. Make sure you stir constantly so the cooking candy doesn’t burn.

*Remove from heat & stir in vanilla.

*Pour into a buttered or heavy duty foil-lined 9 inch square pan.

*Cool in the fridge & cut into squares.

We also made some Turtles with the caramel. Lay 4 pecans on parchment paper (turtle’s legs) so that they touch in the center of the Turtle. Pour a tablespoon of caramel in the center, top with melted chocolate & let cool!

And it’s great to get those little hands helping wrap all that caramel!

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  1. Oh, man. My pants just got tighter reading that. The turtles just put me over the top.

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