My boys love these necklaces and bracelets and today on Amazon they are practically giving them away for pennies or a penny in some cases. These are $30 -$40 a pop at locals sports stores and other retailers, going for as low as $0.01 – awesome! Seriously, great potential stocking stuffers too! Here are a few examples, but there are a ton of colors and variety available.

20″ Blue/Orange/White Titanium Sport Tornado Baseball/Softball Necklace

On sale for $1.10, 96% Off, saving $28.89

red white blue bracelet

20″ Blue/Red/White Titanium Sport Tornado Baseball/Softball Necklace

$7.09 Saving $22.90 (76%)

Power Balance New York Knicks The Original Performance Wristband (Orange/Blue, Medium)

This one is $0.49, 49 CENTS. Sweet!! 99% savings.  

Power Balance Silicone Wristband Yellow with Black – LARGE $2.22, Saving $27.77, 93% Off

Power Balance Bracelet Wristband Pink w/ White Lettering, Size Small

$4.99, Saving $25.00

They also had a  LAKERS POWER BALANCE NBA TEAM BAND SMALL for a penny $0.01.

Woot! Woot! Love a good deal.

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  1. power balance bracelet is best products for sports man ,teen eager, and cell phone users. i realy like that and enjoy our healthy life forever with power balance.