$17 for One Hour Swedish Massage in Richardson

You know the kind of day I have had.

It started off late even though the kids got up early.

Come to think of it…maybe THAT is why I was running late!

And then all day the running did not stop.   Except it wasn’t really the exercise kinda running, it was the errand kinda running.

At the end of the day I need a nap.   Or a massage.   Or a nap during a massage.

Kindred Spirits Massage in Richardson

Weekly Plus is running a deal this week for:

$17 one-hour Swedish Massage at Kindred Spirits Massage in Richardson, TX

Whoo hoo!   The regular price on this service is $70. CLICK HERE FOR THE DEAL!

She is Dallas info:   Kindred Spirits Massage is located at 620 N. Coit Rd. Ste. 2155B, Richardson, TX, 75080.   Swedish massage is the most common massage and found relaxing by many due to the smooth long strokes given by the massage therapist.   Weekly Plus is a new Dallas deal site and an advertiser here on She is Dallas.   All links in this article are affiliate links including this one.


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