Summer Time at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science {Dallas}

This summer, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science has plenty in store for stir-crazy kids and fun-seekers of all ages. From eco-friendly exhibits to 3D films to exciting events and an array of
programs, visitors will have reasons galore for coming back time and time again this summer.

dinosaur at the perot museum


She Is Dallas Info:   The Perot Museum of Nature and Science is located at 2201 N. Field Street in Dallas.  From now through  Aug. 25, the Perot Museum will stay open until 6 p.m. giving visitors an extra hour to explore and discover. Plus, members can continue to enjoy exclusive early-access hours every Saturday from 8:30-10 a.m. and Sunday from 10 a.m.-noon. Visitors, including members, are strongly encouraged to purchase/reserve tickets in advance at the Perot Museum website to avoid sell-outs and waiting in line.

In addition to their 11 permanent exhibit halls, this summer the Perot Museum welcomes Recycle Reef, a temporary exhibit that will allow kids and adults to participate in building an underwater-themed exhibit using recyclable materials.  There are exciting recyclable materials all around the room as  Recycle Reef brings being green  to a whole new level. My kids learned about the importance and impact of recycling while creating their own recyclable masterpieces.Visitors of all ages begin their experience in the making area  where they can build and transform recyclable materials into creative works of art.

My kiddos made a manta ray and a hammerhead shark!

recycle reef collage


Once they completed their creations, my kids were given the option to take their sea creatures home or leave them at the Museum to become a part of the exhibit's recycled reef.   They chose to leave them on the reef and we will come back to visit them throughout the summer.

recycle reef at Perot Museum


Dynamic and ever-changing, Recycle Reef will continue to develop with each newly contributed sculpture. And, in the spirit of being green, the entire exhibit will be recycled after the exhibit closes at the end of the summer.  The Recycle Reef will be on interactive display through August 25 in the Jan and Trevor Rees-Jones Exhibition Hall on the Lower Level of the Museum. Recycle Reef is free to members and requires a $2/person surcharge in addition to general exhibit admission for non-members.

We also saw  Plastiki, a 60-foot catamaran made of 12,500 2.5-liter plastic bottles and other biodegradable  products.  Created by David de Rothschild, Plastiki made international headlines in 2010 when it sailed 8,000 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean from San Francisco to Sydney.

Plastiki at Perot Museum

The team's ultimate mission was to draw attention to the 73.9 million pounds of plastic waste that has been dumped into oceans, while inspiring people to pledge to reduce  their plastic footprint. Plastiki will be on display in the outdoor plaza. Viewing is free to all.

We had an amazing time looking around at some of the other exhibits.  We learned about the weather and experienced an interactive water cycle exhibit.  We discovered how volcanoes form and experienced the ground shaking under us as if we were really in the midst of an earthquake.  And we saw lots of fossils, dinosaur skeletons, and even this giant dinosaur footprint!

exhibit collage at Perot Museum

We wrapped up our visit by seeing Waking the T. rex 3D: The Story of SUE.  It was  a step back to the Cretaceous period and the revealing of  SUE, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus rex ever found.  We learned  how present-day paleontologists hunt for dinosaurs, how SUE was discovered in the badlands of South Dakota in 1990, and how her skeleton was excavated and reassembled. This film is recommended for guests 4 years and older. My 4 year old did find although she did grab my arm during one scene.  Tickets are required. Film is approximately 23 minutes.

In addition, tots, kids, teens and adults can enjoy a line-up of programs and events, from Discovery Days for families, and Lab Remix for teens and adults. Plus visitors ages 21 and older can enjoy the adult-only and oh-sopopular Social Science. Other highlights include 3D films in The Hoglund Foundation Theater including Wildest Weather in the Solar System and the new-for-summer Waking the T. rex 3D: The Story of SUE.

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