I live in Texas, so it was no surprise when my first grader came to me last fall and asked to play flag football. My friends thought I was crazy, but I signed him up and we became a football family.  So when Welch’s Fruit Snacks offered to send him to the Dak Prescott Football Camp for Kids this summer, we jumped at the chance. 

Dak Prescott Football Camp for Kids

The camp was held at Northwest High School in Justin, Texas, just a 15 minute drive from our Fort Worth neighborhood. With 400 campers attending, I figured check in would be hectic at best. I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient things were run — we were checked in and on our way to the field in about 10 minutes after we arrived. Each camper received a Dak Prescott Football Camp t-shirt, but we had to pick up some Dak swag as well. Andy loved this Dak hat in Dallas Cowboys colors.  Dak greeted the campers and chatted about the hard work they would be doing. He told them “Good isn’t enough. Good will get you fired. You have to be great.”  Then he showed the campers a drill he uses to warm up each day. Campers broke into their teams and started working on the drill, too. The teams had about 8 players each, in four different divisions: Buccaneers, Bulldogs, Cowboys, and Pro-Bowlers — each following Dak’s football career. The kids thought that was really cool.  I liked that they were grouped according to age, so the kiddos were playing with others at their skill level. The drills were simple and easy to follow, and the coaches were super positive and great with the kids.  The coolest part was that Dak walked around, stopping at each drill station and working with the kids. His love for the game was apparent, and you could see that he was committed to making sure the kids had the chance to spend time with him.  My kiddo was star-struck.  The teams played games against each other, too. I really liked that the coaches gave each player a chance to play different positions. My son had never played quarterback before, so he really loved getting to try it out.  The coolest thing, though, was at the end of Day One — my son and his friend were called onto the field to take a photo with Dak and received autographed boxes of Welch’s Fruit Snacks. We are trying to figure out how to frame it and add it to his room!  Andy came home from camp pumped about the game and ready to play again in the fall. He can’t wait for football season to start, and to watch his favorite Cowboys player!

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