Thanksgiving Square in downtown Dallas, Texas is definitely a place you don’t want to miss if you are visiting the city with kids.
Thanksgiving Square in Dallas Texas - great place to visit with kids
The Spiral non-denominational Chapel is the highlight of visiting Thanksgiving Square in Dallas.

What is Thanksgiving Square?

Thanksgiving Square is a beautiful triangle park area and non-denominational Chapel in the heart of Dallas, Texas.  It was dedicated in 1976 and has been a favorite quiet spot in the middle of the city since that time.  Thanks-Giving Square “affirms the reality of gratitude as a common root of religions, cultures and traditions worldwide.”  More from the Thanks-Giving Foundation
Researchers and spiritual leaders discovered a long history of giving and living thanks in Dallas. Thanksgiving, which is gratitude in action, was recognized as a human universal present in cultures and faith traditions around the world. The Thanks-Giving Foundation was started to create a public space in the center of Dallas dedicated in gratitude to God and to this most ancient and enduring tradition.

Dallas Spiral Chapel

At the East end of the park stands the unique and beautiful interfaith Chapel of Thanksgiving.  It is a curved white structure created to symbolize the spiral of life and never-ending upward reach of the human spirit.  You enter the Chapel by crossing the Great Fountain via bridge. Messages of Thanksgiving can be seen throughout the mosaic, stained glass, engraving and graphic art.  All are strategically featured as to include all people, no matter what their faith.

Glory Window by Gabriel Loire

My favorite part is looking up when you are in the chapel because you will see a colorful ceiling of stained glass that spirals to the sky.  The last picture below shows what that looks like. This is one of the largest horizontally-mounted stained glass windows in the world with 73 panels of faceted glass that follow the spiral shape of the ceiling.  It is called the “Glory Window” to pay tribute to Psalm 19.  One exciting thing was it was chosen in 2000 for the official United Nations stamp during the International Year of Thanksgiving.
Entrance to Thanksgiving Square in Dallas
Welcome to Dallas’ Thanksgiving Square!

Quiet Place to Give Thanks in Dallas

The park that surrounds the chapel is a beautiful and quiet place to reflect and give thanks.  The strong lines and foundations of the outlined sidewalks, fountains, pillars and structures are offset by areas of green inviting grass under large shade trees. Pools and fountains are placed throughout strategically to decrease the intensity of the city noise.
Ring of Thanks at Thanks-Giving Square in Dallas Texas
The Ring of Thanks stands 14 feet high in the Circle of Giving.

Visiting Thanks-Giving Square with Kids

Have I mentioned how much I looooove Thanksgiving Square? It is such a fun place to explore with kids of all ages.  Younger kids will love all the outdoor places to climb and jump.  Older kids will appreciate the art that is in every direction.  It is an easy place to have conversations around being thankful. The photos below are from a visit to Thanksgiving Square in Dallas. The words are from their plaques. Thanksgiving Square in Dallas - spiral chapel against skyline The path of Life three boys in front of one of the many fountains in Thanksgiving Square is sometimes uphill. Ring of Thanks is 14 feet tall and the perfect place for a family photo What can help us? Our kid group in front of a mosaic art piece in Thanksgiving Square Make us look up? inside the Chapel of Thanksgiving two boys observe JUST one grateful thought you can add what you are thankful for in the bowl –that changes everything. spiral stained glass of the Glory Window at Thanksgiving chapel Thanksgiving Square is located in downtown Dallas. It is open all year. You can find out more information by visiting their website–click here.

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  1. Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems like you are the most amazing writer in the world. You clearly know what you are talking about! I can’t wait to visit Dallas and take my kids ages 2 & 5 to Thanksgiving Square.