Harkins Theater ~ Loyalty Pays Off!

I love going to the movies! I love everything about it — the popcorn, the surround sound, the sticky floors. I even enjoy a quiet, empty theater during the day. To me, matinees are the best way to relax before the kids come home. Going to the movies is such an escape for me. I love it. But even matinees are expensive. Rarely do you find a great “deal” associated with going to the movies — until now.

Harkins Theatres in Southlake is offering guests a chance to save money on popcorn and a drink the more you attend the theater. On November 17th, Harkins is releasing it’s 2012 Loyalty Cup and T-Shirt. The cup allows you to enjoy soda refills for only $1. And if you wear the T-shirt to the movies, you will get a FREE medium popcorn every time you wear it. Now that’s a deal!

The cup is $4.75 and the t-shirt is $25. But if you go to the movies a lot, it should pay for itself after a few movies. These cups and T-shirts are only availabe until the theater sells out, so if you want one, you should stop by the theater on November 17th to get it.

The refills and free popcorn will last through the entire 2012 year!

By the way, have you been to the Harkins’s theater in Southlake? It’s a great place to go for date night with your husband! Stop by Brio Tuscan or Coal Vines pizza both in Southlake before you go!   Twlight Breaking Dawn part 1 is out November 18th.   While you are there, pick up your T-shirt and cup.

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