We’ve been hunting for some special Cheetos that are only made in Hong Kong. We were told that Komart carried them. I researched Komart and learned that it is a Korean market so I’m not sure that we were on the right path but we checked it out anyway. They are located on Royal Lane in Dallas deep in the heart of a whole Korean community where businesses post signs that have no English translation.   Unfortunately, no Cheetos were to be found. But we did see quite a lot of other unusual items that we don’t see at Kroger and Tom Thumb. Fresh Squid… Beef Feet….Goat Meat… Giant tub of Dried Shrimp… Look at the size of this Korean Pear. It’s as big as my whole hand! Boiled Royal Fern in Water… Sliced Lotus Root… As we walked through the store we talked about the differences between cultures. Different skin color, different foods, different ways of cooking, different languages. We even bought a few things to sample at home. However, we didn’t try anything terribly adventurous like  the lotus root because honestly, I don’t know how to cook something like that or if it even needs to be cooked!

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