In N Out Burger Coming to Dallas

I was super happy to hear that In-N-Out Burger is coming to Dallas.

As a girl who was born in California and then returned for college and graduate school, I learned to crave the In-N-Out burger.

Even though I was raised vegetarian?

Maybe the root of this conversion can be traced back to the white square buildings with the red roof and yellow trim.

I recently stalked down what will be my closest coming location in Frisco.

In N Out Burger location in Frisco Texas

Yay!   It is true.   There is a sign for In-N-Out Burger and everything!

This location is in Frisco, Texas across from Stonebriar Center and next to the Olive Garden at 2800 Preston Road.   According to the building permit, it will be a 3714 square foot building.   This new location for In-N-Out Burger is one of 8 DFW area locations in addition to a distribution center.

Why is there such excitement over another burger restaurant?

I haven’t a clue.   I just know I like them.   We were back in Southern California last spring and endured the endless lines to order a In-N-Out Burger animal-style.   Despite the crazy wait, it was worth it.

They are just good.

She is Dallas info:   In-N-Out Burger was started in 1948.   The first location was also California’s first drive-thru restaurant.   It is a privately held company whose menu has changed little in the last 60 years.   Well, the actual menu may not have changed, but the not-so-secret secret menu can be found here.   You might want to study up so you can casually order a 3×3 protein style without a blink.

I suspect the lines around the building will be just as long here as they are in California, but at least getting an In-N-Out Burger won’t require a plane ticket.


  1. I also lived 5 minutes away from an In-N-Out when I lived in Phoenix, AZ, but I don’t see what the madness is all. There seems to be more vegetables than actual meat on the burger. Please don’t get me wrong, for fast food burger, it is better than the big box burger places like McDonald’s, Wendy or Burger King. Personally, their freshly cut fries is what I love – especially ordered “well done.”

  2. Christina says:

    I can hardly wait for the one in Allen to open! I think it is how everything is so fresh is what makes them so much better.

  3. Julie Endives says:

    hey Holly Im so glad you reported about the In and Out….there is one coming close to me in Garland!!!
    I used to live in the west coast and miss this chain terribly They got really famous for being a pioneer in using peanut oil to cook with, rather than the cheaper fattening oils.

    My husband and i just got back from vacation in Arizona (seeing family) and I was so happy to see on with a Del Taco! I hope they come here too!

  4. I am kinda excited too! I’ve only had heir food once on a trip to CA- but it was yummy!!

  5. Del Taco is open in Denton and one is said to open in Mesquite as well

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