Gaylord Texan – Summerfest

I recently went over to the Gaylord Texan for dinner with my husband.   It has been awhile since we have been there and they have been busy during my absence!   The place is bigger and better than ever.   One of the things the Gaylord Texan is doing this summer is a bunch of activities for families which they have named, Summerfest.

Gaylord Texan inside

Throughout the amazing interior of the Gaylord Texan hotel are family-friendly displays and live character interaction.   Many of the displays are trains.

Gaylord Texan train

Some of the trains fit into the lush Gaylord Texan hotel landscape and some were brought in for the Summerfest festivities.

Gaylord Texan train display

My favorite was the very random guitar train…

Guitar Train set

There were also very tall people…

Gaylord Texan super tall Texan

and very tall trees.

Big Tree Guy

Even if you don’t make it to Summerfest, it is really fun to just walk around the hotel.

Gaylord Texan riverwalk

The riverwalk that winds through the heart of the hotel is beautiful.

Gaylord Texan riverwalk covered wagon

There are little scenes and quiet corners with special things to see.

Gaylord Texan infrastructure

Everywhere you look there is something fun and a little out of the ordinary.

Gaylord Texan inside pic

Summerfest is running every weekend all summer through September 9.   Thursday evenings are kids eat free nights at the Gaylord Texan restaurants.   You can find out more information about Summerfest and the Gaylord Texan on their website.

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