*sarcasm intended*

I have just made it through the most dreaded time of the year

Yes, the “fall back” of Daylight Savings Time has officially taken over.

Why does the words “fall back” strike fear in my soul?

Because while I can set back my clocks and electronic equipment, I CANNOT set back my children’s internal early-waking-hearts.

The switch to DST is not just a one night event here at the Nirvana. No, it is the gift that just keeps giving…

It takes almost a WEEK. A WEEK PEOPLE! For my children’s internal early-waking-hearts to adjust to what the rest of the world has slept through.

Sweet, sweet sleep. How I dream of you

I am too tired to cook for potluck today, but it is your lucky day because I am going to ask Lisa at Very Busy Mom of Four to take over. Not only is she very busy with four children, but she actually feeds them! She just lives a few miles from my house and can drive over. Lisa has stated:
Any mayo or fish is a no-no. Those things sitting out could make one violently ill 😉
(Fish eaten right away OK but mayo is always nasty to me!)
No big deal Lisa…make whatever you like. Thanks! If you find something in my pantry you can use, it is yours!

Googlers this week surprised me by Googling “blog-Stedman” into the top 5 searched phrases here at the Nirvana. It is a bit of Nirvana foreshadowing for later this week….

wait for it.
wait for it.
wait for it.

What is up with Holly’s coccyx?

It just is exacerbating my grumpiness.

So let’s move on to something more fun…

Chicken of the Week!

This is proof of chicken thievery…this was the candy WE were handing out.

Let’s find out who is Peep of the Week!

In response to last week’s potluck photo:
Elaine said this…

I am so late to the potluck that I am sure those beaters are already licked. Damn.

AND because I am grumpy AND this made me laugh really hard AND I make the potluck rules around here AND truthfully there are no rules AND if there were rules it wouldn’t matter AND I would totally break them because this is worth it AND I am all powerful here at the potluck…

In response to my application to MENSA:

Marinka replied…
Only God, and apparently Blog Stedman, can make a dragonfly…

I just hope the funny girl team of Elaine and Marinka can peacefully reign this week as co-Peep of the Week!

What is in Holly’s fruit bowl?

Two large bunches of bananas, one sad lime and a bad apple. I am blaming that apple for the lime’s mood.

A Nirvana programming note:

Many thanks to those of you who linked last week in an effort to feed me and my family. Yum!

This Wednesday I will have Mr. Linky for you to link to a marital tale (story about your spouse, s illy marital strife, funny things you have found out, etc.). I think it will be a lot of fun, so please come back for that!

May your extra hour via DST create warmth instead of bitterness…

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