How tired are you of hearing the old adage, “Everything’s bigger in Texas!”?  Swallow your pride, y’all, cause in the case of Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, that saying is true.  From the largest display board in the world, to the “larger than the St. Louis Arch” arches that tower over the building, the Cowboys Stadium is an architectural marvel.  And one that you can see yourself with a Cowboys Stadium tour.

Cowboys Stadium Tour sid

A few weeks ago, we took a VIP Guided Tour which  included a tour of a private suite, the print media press box, the Cotton Bowl office vestibule, and the Dr Pepper Star Bar.  This is all in addition to the areas the self-guided tour takes you to –    the field, the Miller Lite Club, the post-game interview room and both the Cowboys locker room and the Cheerleaders locker room. You don’t have to be a Dallas Cowboys fan to appreciate a Cowboys Stadium tour.  As you stand in awe of the enormity of it all and hear the amazing statistics, you tend to forget the main purpose of the building (um, football games?). Here are some of the Cowboys Stadium facts that stunned us:
  • Cowboys Stadium is the largest enclosed stadium in the NFL.  It is 3.0 million square feet and holds 104 million square feet of air.
  • The Statue of Liberty could stand on the star in the middle of the field and the roof could close and never touch her flame,
  • Cowboys Stadium has the largest domed roof in the world (660,800 square feet). It only takes 12 minuted to open or shut the retractable dome.
  • Each of the arches that support the stadium are larger than the St. Louis Arch.
Cowboys Stadium Display board sid As we visited each level (there are TEN) of the stadium, we had different views of the display board.  And what we thought was impressive on the field, became more and more so as we went up the levels and got “closer” to it.  The size of a 35 X 45 foot movie screen, the display board has the same resolution as a home flat-panel TV (1,920 x 1,080 HDTV resolution).  But it is the enormity that is so amazing.  Let’s put it into perspective: A Dallas Area Rapid Transit bus is 40 feet long.  The display is the length of four of those buses and 6 1/2 times the bus’ height. Huge. And thanks to this display board, we were able to get a photo where Bono from U2 photo-bombed us! Cowboys Stadium Display sid While the building’s enormity was amazing to the adults, my kids’ favorite part of the tour was visiting the Dallas Cowboys and Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader’s locker rooms.  Of course they are beautiful, and they even pull out some pom-poms and uniforms for the kids to try out.  Great photo opps! Cowboys Stadium Locker room sid Cowboys Stadium also has 24 pieces of unique art work that were hand picked by Mrs. Jones herself.  And they are truly stunning – not at all what you expect to see at a NFL Football stadium.  Art tours are given twice weekly here as well. Cowboys Stadium Art sid Again, you don’t have to be a huge Cowboys fan to appreciate and enjoy a Cowboys Stadium tour.  It’s so much more than football – it’s art, it’s architecture, it’s amazing. For more information on Cowboys Stadium Tours, please visit the Cowboys Stadium website. My family and I were invited on a Cowboys Stadium tour and were provided admission. I was not financially compensated for this post.  All opinions of the tour are strictly my own based on my experience.  

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