There is a hidden historical gem over in Fort Worth.  It’s called the Log Cabin Village – a living history museum set in the 1800s – complete with interpreters and hands-on activities for all ages.

Log Cabin Village sid

Log Cabin Village, located just across the street from the Ft. Worth Zoo, consists of ten 19th century buildings, all working as if they were plucked off of the farms they were originally on, and plunked down in Fort Worth, furniture and all.

You can go at your own pace through the village, stopping at what interests you, exploring as you go.  There is so much to see and do here, you will want to take your time.

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The entire village is filled with historical interpreters, which was our favorite part.  We could have spent hours talking to them, as they give such a better perspective how the way the cabins were lived in.  In this particular cabin, we learned how she did her vacuuming , baked cookies and she even told us an amazing story of  how the family of 14 hid during an Indian raid – my kids were fascinated!

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The day we visited, each building had an interpreter. We learned how wooden toys, chairs, and wagons were made.  We saw a blacksmith make a hook using the anvil.  And we watched wool become yarn.  Again, it was fascinating.  The interpreters are so knowledgeable and engaging.  They asked my kids questions and lead them to the answers when they didn’t know.

log cabin village docents sidBut the parts that excited my kids the most were the hands on activities – like pumpkin water, grinding corn, and dipping candles.  We learned more in the 2 hours we spent at Log Cabin Village than we did reading a book.

candle dipping sidLog Cabin Village is closed only on Mondays and is very inexpensive to visit.  They do host many school tours during the week, so I’d advise you go in the afternoons or weekends. They host all sorts of fun events with even more opportunities to get hands-on.  Additionally, Log Cabin Village hosts several in-depth programs for children, such as Meet the Pioneers and Pioneer School.

Log Cabin Village would be a fun trip for the kids over Spring Break.  Go on mom, sneak in some education while they are on break!  I guarentee they won’t notice!


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