reusable workbooksHere are a couple of quick ideas to stretch some of your preschool budget: If you want to use a workbook and be able to re-use it get a couple of page protectors.   You’ll need to cut open the side and bottom so  it will open wide and be able to slip onto the book’s pages or lay flat across the spine.   Then you can use crayons, dry-erase, or washable markers on the plastic and just wipe with a tissue for the crayon or dry-erase or a wet-wipe for the washable markers. Check with your local library system about printing options.   I know our public library will allow up to 100 pages printed for free each month.   The Dollar Tree has lots of good things too.   I have a pocket-chart from a teacher store (thank you Grandma for the school-related Christmas gift) that I use all the time.   The dollar store had some word cards pre-printed and some blanks that I was able to write our own sight-words on.   They also have some good flash-cards that my son likes to match and sort in the chart.   I also use plain index cards that I write on to use with the pocket chart.

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