What is WiiU TV?

A few weeks ago Nintendo launched Nintendo TVii which is a free integrated service for the Wii U console in the hopes of changing the WAY you watch TV with the second-screen Wii U GamePad controller.

Nintendo TVii

With the new Nintendo TVii system, it will simplify the endless amount of video-on-demand options by pulling them all to one space.

“This will allow Wii U owners to focus on what they want to watch and not how they want to watch.”

The Wii U console will pull all available content sources like:

  • Cable Providers
  • Satellite  Providers
  • Hulu Plus subcriptions
  • Amazon Direct
  • Netflix {coming soon}
  • TiVo {coming soon}


Not only will it be easier to find and watch, but there are also social features that enable Wii U owners to share experiences and moments with friends while watching live TV.  These can be shared across many social platforms like Miiverse, FB and Twitter.

Everything needed to enjoy Nintendo TVii is included in the Wii U.  Users simply define which services they currently hold subscriptions to as part of the set up process.  Each family member can create a different profile for viewing and parental controls are available.

Holly Homer has been a Nintendo Ambassador for a few years enjoying the benefits of her boys thinking she is slightly cool.  This information was provided by Nintendo.  She can’t wait to try out Nintendo TVii for herself soon.  This article includes Amazon affiliate links.

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