potlucks are on MondaysOh ya.

We are down to counting our fingers on one hand until Christmas.

The excitement is building.

The boys have been out of school for almost a week.

*hold me*

It is time to take a little break for two reasons…

  • It is Monday.
  • It is Potluck.

And now for a little storyAnd now for a little story…

We went roller skating on Friday at the local roller rink.   I have been there several times this year and am completely amazed each time how 1981 has stood still at that place.

The casino carpet.

The 197o-style, poorly situated restroom stalls with painted plywood (that wasn’t sanded) doors that are nearly impossible to access with skates on.

The hourly replaying of “put your right foot in, put your left foot in…”

It is freakishly de ja vue back in time to 11 year old Holly.

*snap out of it*

The boys love to go.   Rhett still prefers the old-style skates and I rent one of those rolling walkers for him to avoid his persistent need for scooping him off the dusty wooden floor underneath the dulled disco ball.

All was well until he climbed down from something with his skates on and sliced open the back of his knee.   Hi blood and the need for a first aid kit!

The skating rink’s first aid kit hadn’t been updated since 1981 and only 2 band-aids could be salvaged from the outdated supplies.   I cleaned the area and applied the bandages, but Rhett was out of the mood for anymore Hokey Pokey.

That evening when he was bathing I tried to remove one of the band-aids only to find that its adhesive quality rivaled super glue…

Holly gives advice*and now for one of my smoothest segues EVER*

Holly will now give advice to companies who say Who is Holly?

…why is it so difficult to remove band-aids?

As a natural net-worker and wanna-be match maker, I have a really, really, really good solution for this problem:

The Post-It Note Guy needs to meet the Band-Aid Guy.

guest post at mom it forwardWhat is Holly sayin’ at Mom It Forward?wooden blocks

This week I was talking about child play.

Or how adults completely co-opted child play.

Check out Building Blocks:   Not Child’s Play.

comment nirvanaLet’s Find out Who Made the Comment of the Week!

Y’all know my propensity for random, so this week was easy for me.   This comment was in response to Naked Lego Santa, but really could have accompanied most anything I have written in the last few years:

“Thought of you reading a book on longevity. Per Egyptian legend (I think it is) the coccyx is the last bone left as the body decays. How is that for random facts?” – Ron Davison

Genius, Ron.   Not only do you receive worldwide bragging rights to Comment of the Week for the next 7 days (which includes Christmas), but this next segment is dedicated to you…

coccyxWhat is Up with Holly’s Coccyx?

Holly’s coccyx is doing much better.   The only donuts she has interacted with over the last year are the kind you eat, not sit on.

Every once in awhile when she takes a really long car trip or sits at her computer a little too long, she needs to go back and visit her friendly chiropractor, but overall…


mom loop on the blog frogWhat is Happening in The Mom Loop?

Leave your Twitter of FB link to be followed here.

We are chatting about family birthday traditions here.

Do you write personal notes in your Christmas cards? discussion here.

And now for a Random holiday photo…

mary joseph and baby jesus in manger

And now for a random holiday video…

What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?What is in Holly’s Fruit Bowl?

visions of sugar plums*

*Not the actual sugar plums, but their visions.   It is kinda conceptual…work with me here.

Happy Monday everyone!

May your week be merry and your Four Square Check-ins include a stable next Saturday.

Welcome to Kids Activities!

My name is Holly Homer & I am the Dallas mom of three boys…

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  1. Yeah, having had an actual sugar plum, or something that was billed as one anyway, I can say VISIONS are much better than REALITY of sugar plums.