Can a Virtual Taco Help you Heal?

As our hearts continue to ache for the families and friends of those lost in the tragedy of Newtown, CT.,  Noah Pozner's loved ones have found a way to bring a bit of laughter and sunshine to those who are missing him so very much.

If you read Noah's eulogy, you know of his love for tacos. Written and spoken by his mother, Veronique Pozner, her words first brought me to tears. As I continued reading, a belly laugh ensued as did a big smile. Wiping away the tears, I realized it was the first laugh and smile connected to this unthinkable situation.   I ™m guessing someone else picked up on this very thing and decided to create Tacos For Noah in Noah's memory.

Want to make a taco for Noah? Here are the instructions from the website:

Noah Pozner wanted to work at a taco factory when he grew up. Tacos were his favorite food, and no doubt he wanted to ensure that the world kept producing tacos. Help us create a virtual taco in his memory. Add your special ingredient below and tweet it. Voila! Tacos for Noah, all in memory of this very special Little Man!

You ™ll find tacos made with cheese, potatoes, beef and beans. Along side those tacos, you ™ll find ones made with chocolate, sprinkles, ice cream and peaches. Perhaps the ones that will taste the best right now are those filled with love, peace and anything made by Noah.

Laughter-and virtual tacos-heal.

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