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Today’s post is by one of my favorite bloggers. It is Heidi from Frantically Simple. Heidi is a funny girl. Heidi can tell a story. Heidi made me laugh coffee through my nose with this post (the computer company logo picture). Heeeeeeeere’s Heidi!

Once upon a time there was a Heidi.
Mrs Dolly as Heidi
The Heidi family had a husband,
a daughter,
daughter dolly
and a dog.
Sidenote: Other actors tried out for the part of Shasta
didn't make call-backs
but none were quite right for the role.

Heidi liked to write.
Heidi also liked to color with markers.
Even though she was officially a grown-up.
For some reason no one could tell, Heidi liked to share her “art” with others. On the internet.
This is Heidi’s computer.
It is a laptop. It is three months old.
It does not smell like a lemon.
It does not look like a lemon.
But Heidi thinks it is a lemon.
If you look close you can see it says this:
dell hell
Heidi has had nothing but problems with her computer. Heidi wishes she had gotten a Mac, but Heidi’s husband needed to use her new computer until his new job supplied him with a new laptop and a Mac was incompatible with his software.
If you understood that sentence, Heidi is impressed.
One day Heidi was trying to scan some of her drawings.
It was not working.
Heidi was angry.
Heidi was frustrated.
Heidi was not sure why her laptop would no longer speak to three printers or a scanner.
It had become an aloof lemon.
Or why the ‘s’ sticks, turning words like “sticks” into “tick”.
Heidi has to watch carefully for ticks.
(Alternate line: It has caused Heidi to develop a tick.)

Heidi called Dell.
Dell said, “We do not wish to help you, Heidi. Please call the Geek Squad.”
Heidi called the Geek Squad.
The Geek said, “We would be happy to help you, Heidi. Please give us $200.”
Heidi became really angry.
She did not give the Geek $200. She took a nap.
Sometimes Heidi deals with her emotions like that.
She might have dreamed about doing this:
but she did not.
When she woke up her Husband asked her to go for a drive.
He drove and drove and drove.
After an hour he ended up at a fruit stand.
A fruit stand that sells only Apples.
He said, “Heidi, why don’t you buy a new laptop?”
Heidi said, “Um, ok.” And smiled really big.
The Fruit Seller said, “The new iphone just came out. Please get in line. For two hours.”
Heidi obeyed.
But then Heidi remembered that she is a homeschool teacher now.
That means that she qualifies for a big discount.
But she had no proof. She needed an Official Homeschooling Mama badge from the state. But she doesn’t have one yet.
So she left the line,
gave Mr. Frantic a big kiss,
and went home.
Then she remembered that as much as she wants a new laptop, she needs a new:
So she is calling the Geek Squad tomorrow.

Heidi may not have a new laptop, but she has a great husband.
And he is totally compatible with her software.

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  1. Wow, I missed it by two days… Sorry! I linked to me anyway… I’ll make up for my lateness by visiting a bunch of other peoples’ funniest posts. Thanks again for providing a spot to link.

  2. This is such a terrific example of why you are one of the coolest people I know. Well done, Miss Holly!

  3. Loved all the stand in’s for actual people…..
    Sorry for all the frustration but my parents love the GeekSquad. So maybe it will be a good thing….

  4. I just found your adorable blog! Love it!

    I would also like to add that my Dell computer makes me want to STICK MY HEAD in an oven so purchasing a new one so you have the right oven in which to stick your head is very important.