Saving money is always something that is on the mind of anyone raising kids!  No matter how much comes in, it always seems like the demands for what needs to go out is more! Home Hair Cuts - Kids Activities Blog Story Here is a little story about a time that I was pretty sure I had figured out a way to put my family on easy street.  Simple things add up to a LOT!  It is a story I call…

Why Holly’s Children Cover their Head and Run When they See Oprah

Holly has been cutting her husband’s  hair for years. Years and years and years. She has some fancy hair cuttin’ scissors. She has some electric clippers. She has no formal hair cuttin’ training. Every once in awhile she has to remind her husbsand  that he gets what he pays for. Overall, it has worked out well…
Well, except for that time back in ’92 when Holly accidentally cut a bald spot in his  temple the day before he started a fancy new job. Shhhh…that time is long forgotten.
So, imagine Holly’s delight when she watched Oprah the other day. Oprah was interviewing America’s most frugal family. America’s most frugal family cuts their own hair! Yay for America’s most frugal family. Yay for Oprah. Yay for Holly. Wow. Holly should be on Oprah! And then Holly had what Oprah calls a lightbulb moment Holly should share her hair cuttin’ joy with her three boys. That is what America’s most frugal family does. Holly is sure that is what Oprah would do if she had three boys and wasn’t rich and famous. Holly paused the television and ushered the boys into the kitchen. She sat them down one by one on a hair cuttin’ stool and covered them with a professional cape. There was a lot of clipping. There was a lot of cutting. The hair was a flyin’. There might have even been a bit of complainin’. When Holly stood back and assessed her work, she smiled. She smiled. And giggled a bit. And then she rushed to her computer. After Googling, “mullet reversal”, Holly decided that the next time her hair cuttin’ scissors wanted to save money she would think about using them to clip a coupon.

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  1. Can a Mullet Reversal be performed outside of a hospital? Loved this! (And, see-through clothes make perfect sense to me.)

  2. WOW…your pics are so funny! I ALSO am a hair cutting mama…I once forgot to put the number 3/8 guard back on the clippers after close-cutting my hubby’s sideburns & neck. ONE big long swipe right above his ear on ONE side…right before an important business trip presentation. I wanted to do the other side to BALANCE it…he wouldnt hear of it! I sent him OUT for a while after that!. My only hairyscary moment in a couple decades of cutting my boys/hubby’s hair….and YES I do cut in the kitchen. Icky I KNOW! Also cut the dog’s hair in the kitchen. wanna come over for lunch??! 😉

  3. I think I’ve come home and cut my own hair after every haircut I’ve ever paid for. Something just wasn’t quite right. One EXPENSIVE guy I went to asked who cut my hair. When I admitted that it was me, he said, “It’s so EVEN.” And, that’s bad how?

  4. Mullets are awesome. Nothing says lovin’ like giving your boys a little business up front, party in the back. They should be THANKING you.


    Richard Marx from 1986

  5. Love it! Hubby asked me to cut his hair, but I was too scared and said no. Now daughter does it and she makes $10 plus tips. Sometimes no tip and sometimes she makes another $3.

    It definitely looks like a tween cut it. But he doesn’t care.

    I just wonder what will happen when she is a teen and mad…. YIKES! Will have to hire you and your amazing animated life skills!

    Their might be blood in that one! hehehehe

  6. And this is exactly why I stopped cutting my husband and son’s hair. We save money in other ways but I couldn’t bear my husband going to work wearing hats every day until whatever mistake I made to his head grew out…

  7. I cut the boys hair a few times when they were much younger. I made them look so bad that I decided it was worth the money for a barber since then. It is either that oir just buzz them every spring and fall?