why holly's children cover their head and run when they see oprah

Saving money is always something that is on the mind of anyone raising kids!  No matter how much comes in, it always seems like the demands for what needs to go out is more!

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Here is a little story about a time that I was pretty sure I had figured out a way to put my family on easy street.  Simple things add up to a LOT!  It is a story I call…

Why Holly’s Children Cover their Head and Run When they See Oprah

Holly has been cutting her husband’s  hair for years.


and years

and years.

She has some fancy hair cuttin’ scissors.
She has some electric clippers.
She has no formal hair cuttin’ training.

Every once in awhile she has to remind her husbsand  that he gets what he pays for.

Overall, it has worked out well…

Well, except for that time back in ’92 when Holly accidentally cut a bald spot in his  temple the day before he started a fancy new job.

Shhhh…that time is long forgotten.

So, imagine Holly’s delight when she watched Oprah the other day. Oprah was interviewing America’s most frugal family.

America’s most frugal family cuts their own hair!

Yay for America’s most frugal family.

Yay for Oprah.

Yay for Holly.


Holly should be on Oprah!

And then Holly had what Oprah calls a lightbulb moment

Holly should share her hair cuttin’ joy with her three boys.

That is what America’s most frugal family does.

Holly is sure that is what Oprah would do if she had three boys and wasn’t rich and famous.

Holly paused the television and ushered the boys into the kitchen. She sat them down one by one on a hair cuttin’ stool and covered them with a professional cape.

There was a lot of clipping.
There was a lot of cutting.
The hair was a flyin’.
There might have even been a bit of complainin’.

When Holly stood back and assessed her work, she smiled.

She smiled.

And giggled a bit.

And then she rushed to her computer.

After Googling, “mullet reversal”, Holly decided that the next time her hair cuttin’ scissors wanted to save money she would think about using them to clip a coupon.


  1. Angie Ledbetter says:

    Your last frame of the computer monitor made me laugh so hard! Poor boys. Psssst:
    To HPBs (Holly’s PoBoys), the number for your local CPS Agency is 1-800-NEED HEP!

  2. Ha Ha. The last time I cut my boys’ hair was when my mom asked “Are YOU cutting their hair?” But three boys and a clipper is just too tempting!!

  3. Holly Jahangiri says:

    LOL!!! You’re too funny. You know I saw the title of this post on my blogroll (and how can I NOT check out a post with our name in it, eh?)

    It’s too early in the morning for such hilarity. I almost snarfed my coffee. Right up my nose.

  4. ShallowGal says:

    On the bright side, you are now the #1 google result for “Mullet reversal”

    xoxo, SG

  5. Lisa@verybusymomwith4 says:

    I am almost crying I am laughing so hard–mullets are bad bad bad–I still wonder why some get them voluntarily today.
    And yeah, knowledge and skill are for sissies 😉

  6. Eudea-Mamia says:

    Sexy Holly in that see-through magenta shirt – meeeeeowww!

    On a good note – your low lights look fabulous.


  7. jill jill bo bill says:

    Cut.It.Out. That is hilarious! Those dang barbers make it look so easy!

  8. love, love “mullet reversal”! and how cool that you can cut hair even though you don’t have fingers!

  9. Manic Mommy says:

    I can’t believe there is no actual picture, like a .jpg. I do love your lightbulb moment though. Think I’ll stick with SnipIts.

  10. I was watching that episode too! Love that you have a professional hair cuttin’ cape!

  11. I love your drawings, you know that, but now we need actual pictures of their hair. I need to see this!

  12. Im so glad you let us know how it turned out. I was about to grab the clippers myself

  13. Love all your drawings to illustrate your post. Mullets, huh?! Oh, boy. You’re hilarious!

  14. Did Animated Holly get a haircut, because I thought I noticed some new highlights? 🙂

  15. InTheFastLane says:

    My husband cuts my 9 year old’s hair. He does a pretty good job, but last night there was so much yelling and screaming going on that I thought one of them was going to come out bald and bleeding. I asked the Mr. if it was really worth saving $15 to deal with that. I don’t know if he ever came up with an answer.

  16. Fiesty Charlie says:

    LOL… I will trim Abbie’s bangs, but that is as far as I will go. I still remember the “bowl cut” from when I was a kid. {shivering}

    Totally not cute for a girl to look like she has an upside down black bowl on her head.

    Practice does help though, next time post pictures!

  17. Fiesty Charlie says:

    Just so you know, the deleted comment was a duplicate, it posted twice, not sure why.

    I will see what happens with this one.

  18. I’ve been cutting hubby’s and my boy’s hair for years, but it cancels out all the bad hair things i’ve done or gotten and total wash.

  19. spinning in our own direction says:

    It wasn’t really a mullet it was more of a mullet in training..

  20. I remember you Twittering that you were Googling mullet reversal. Made me laugh then, made me laugh now.

  21. oh…come on…I love a good Kentucky Waterfall!! 😉

  22. Threeboys1mommy says:

    What ev! Your animation trumps mine any day!…. You’ve inspired me master, I’m off to Target to buy some markers.

    LIGHT BULB MOMENT!!- I think every woman in the blogosphere has written a post about wanting to be on Oprah, that may be a fun idea for It’s not me it’s you.

  23. bwahahahahahahahahahahah

    Sometimes Holly’s scissors are best left alone 🙂 Mullet reversal is called Buzz cut 🙂 hee hee hee. Love ya doll

  24. i can’t do it either. I can clip Chw’s hair because he shaves his head… (not to the skin) because that’s hot and sexy, and he’s balding and stuff… but Gen’s hair? forget it…
    I can’t even groom my dog.

  25. Melizzard says:

    Let ’em grow it long, chop it at their shoulders and tell them they like to surf. The girls will love it.

  26. Beth (A Mom's Life) says:

    Speaking of mullets…I saw the mother of all mullets today – and I was not at Wal-Mart, I was at TARGET!

    I know! I thought they had a rule about them there too but apparently not because it was a Target employee that was sporting it!

    And I really had to do a double take when I walked in and saw a very obese woman wearing a bright orange pumpkin shirt and orange shoes.

  27. My dad’s co-worker used to cut our hair. My dad worked at a grocery store. His co-worker worked in the produce dept. We got cabbage bowl cuts for sure!

  28. Holly at Tropic of Mom says:

    Sometimes a mullet is really just a few snips away from a bowl cut.

    Are you also wearing a see-through pink shirt?


  29. frogpondsrock says:

    Hahahaha..You are a brave brave woman Holly.. I used to cut my son’s hair but I hated it..It was so stressful..

    S: Ouch!!! you’re pulling my hair..
    M: Stop wriggling
    S Ouch!!! you’re pulling my hair..
    M: Sit still..

    Gah!!!! I love the hairdresser, she is worth every penny…

  30. Elaine A. says:

    You realize that now when people Google “mullet reversal” they’re comin’ here, right?

  31. ROFL

    that was great. i cut my son’s hair and also hubby’s hair, neither really come out great, but since i’m the one holding the scissors or clippers they don’t really complain. lol 😉

    i cannot believe how much they charge for a little boys hair cut… it is totally ridiculous!! I think it should be around $7 but we have to pay $15 when we take Trevor… ugh. makes me crazy. so once in a while to get a GOOD cut we go and Bryan and Trevor get their hair cut… but all the other times I do it. I also cut my own hair every now and then… lets not talk about that though, okay. okay.

    thank goodness the girls hair isn’t in need of any trimming or cutting… or they would be in trouble too. (evil grin inserted here)

    glad to know I’m not alone in the cutting of my families hair or giving my husband a bald spot… I mean really… accedents do happen. wth??

    have a great day!

  32. Maggie May says:

    well you tried!

    maybe they can rock the mullet.

    or not.

  33. shit! i accidently spelt accident wrong!! dammit. sorry. eye is knot vary cmart 2day. :S

  34. Elizabeth says:

    I, too have been cutting my DH’s hair for years…I do all the kids, too…and my own for that matter…just too cheap…
    um, frugal!
    Reminds me, hubby needs a cut desperately!
    Loved the mullet reversal drawing…LOL.
    Pax, E

  35. I just stopped cutting their hair entirely:) Little curly headed hippie boys running amok!

  36. That is hilarious! I don’t even attempt to cut my girls bangs, ’cause I KNOW it would not end well.

  37. I do not know where Blog Steadman once got his hair cut, but prices are no longer $15, so you are saving WAY more money than you originally thought! The cheap places (Great Clips, ProCuts) are generally around $20-25 (with tip), and the salons are typically around $35 (with tip) for men’s haircuts.

    You know what this means, right? YOU NEED A TIP JAR.

  38. Corey~living and loving says:

    tee hee…thanks for the giggle. I cut the Hubby’s hair as well. I haven’t tried to do sugar bear’s though. I think I’ll pass.

  39. bloggingmom67 says:

    This is just hilarious. Thanks for making me smile.

  40. mommeeof9 says:

    Hubby gets his haircut at the shop at work. Hey, they only seem to know hoiw to do a military haircut- it is in the 5 sided asylum- but it is under $10.

  41. the planet of janet says:

    holy professional cape, batman. you get your boys’ hair cut every six weeks? the mind reels at the concept.

  42. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    I could see where this was going. I wanted to scream “No!” Jenn went down this road once and the results were not attractive.

  43. Writer Dad says:

    I so thought I commented on this post earlier this morning. I guess I must have had hair in my ears.

    Love the animated life, Holly. They always make me laugh. I don’t think I want to see Oprah in the see through orange dress.

    Have a great night, and thanks for having so much spirit.

  44. Jennifer H says:

    I laughed out loud at mullet reversal!

    You’re a funny lady…

    Once, I was using the clippers on my son, except he saw something out of the corner of his eye and turned fast to see it. Yep. Zzzzzzzip. Had to use the clippers (very short) on his whole head that time.

    Mostly, we just go to Great Clips. Everyone is happier.

  45. Kalynne Pudner says:

    I cut my husband’s hair until he was sufficiently big-shot to rate a company car. And I cut my kids’ hair — boys and girls — unless they have enough money to pay for their own professional cut. The only serious mishap involved my first time using the clippers, after 4 or 5 years of haircuts…then the next time I got them out, I discovered someone had sabotaged the cutting combs with chewing gum, so it was back to scissors. How frugal am I? Frugal enough to save up $200 for my own hair appointments every couple of months.

    Yeah, can we all say “bad mom”?

    I gave The Boy such an awesome haircut one time that my husband just sighed and shaved the poor kid’s head when he got home. He looked like a Romanian orphan for the rest of the summer.

    And then there was the time when my mother CUT MY EYELID while trimming my bangs. FREAKING YIKES.

  47. Burgh Baby says:

    Y’know, I cut Alexis’ four hairs and don’t even think about it. However, I would NEVER touch my husband’s hair. Ever. If even one little strand were wrong, he would never quit with the crying.

  48. Weaselmomma says:

    Hehehehehe, bet your boys are grateful for coupons.

  49. Ron Davison says:

    If you could perfect the mullet reversal, I’m pretty sure you could dominate in WWF – which would make you not only a hero to your boys but, I’m fairly certain, make you the first professional wrestling mother blogger to be on Oprah. Even if she does not have the good sense to invite you, Holly, I’ll refer to you around the house this weekend as a celebrity. (“You know that celebrity blogger Holly? Well she says …”)

  50. ha. jamie still cuts the boys hair, but he gives them a buzz cut — so it’s time for me to start taking them somewhere. and he cuts his own hair.

    which allows for me to spend $60 on my hair every six weeks…..

  51. So does this mean that Oprah won’t be calling anytime soon?

  52. Kathryn Magendie says:


    here is something I NEVER figure out – why is the kitchen always the hair cutting place? Kitchen-Hair…Kitchen–Hair…Kitchen…food–hair in food! Huhn….I need to find out the answer– I shall google “hair cutting in kitchen” and see what shows up!

    Funny Post…*giggling*

  53. MoscowMom says:

    Sooo funny!!!! I tried cutting the girls’ hair a few times… It was fine until they were around four… Then I just made them look BAD. Now we’re waiting for the day when cuts are 2 for 1 at the nice kids’ salon here.

  54. I cut one of my twins bangs and they are still too long. I tend to err on the side of long. Oh well. BTW, I tagged you for an award and it’s important because it was MY first award! I know, you are so honored. Enjoy! ScaryMom

  55. Threeundertwo says:

    You are sooo funny. I would probably shave my son bald if I had clippers in my hands!

  56. On a limb with Claudia says:

    ahahahahahahahahahaha! I particularly love the mix of hair colors on the floor.

    AND, no new pictures of the boys.

    –>What did you do to them?<–

  57. Ha!!! My mom still cuts my dad’s hair, and as far as I remember I never let her touch me with those scissors…

  58. Colleen - Mommy Always Wins says:

    Ha ha ha ha! I’m so glad you said that wasn’t blood on the floor. Where are the “after” pics?

  59. Terri Tiffany says:

    How do you think up this stuff????lol

  60. I just have to say that I LOVE your doodled-stories (or whatever it may be that you call them). They never fail to put a genuine smile on my face and I may or may not have been known to actually guffaw outloud while I’m reading some of them.

    It made my evening — thank you! 🙂

  61. I need to find Oprah’s see through dress- that is like SO fashion forward. 🙂

  62. You crack me up! Definitely say NO to the mullet! No wonder your kids were scared!

  63. Very good! Funny, I enjoyed it! I have a nice pair of hair cutting buzzers too and no professional training and I buzz my husband and 2 boys hair also.

  64. I also have been cutting my husband’s hair for many years (I think it’s about 12 now), and I also once cut a bald spot in his head — his was in the back, though. Fortunately (?) he didn’t have a job, and it was only right before my parents came into to town to visit us for the first time since we’d moved to a new state together, so it’s not like there was any pressure or anything. What I want to know is: WHERE did you get that professional cape? I cut my son’s hair now, too, and he hates the feeling of hair on his skin. I would love to have a cape to sort him out.

    PS To avoid a mullet, you need to cut more layers in their hair. 😉

  65. too funny! I actually cut my hubby’s AND all 3 boys…have for years, and yes, I save a ton of money!

  66. I once “trimmed” Secret Agent Man’s hair. It was long. It was not long by the time I was done.
    Now it’s short, but he goes to a “salon” to have it cut. Oh well. I was proud that I did not cut my finger. Or his ear. Much.

  67. Now that was funny! I let my hubby give my son a buzz cut and he cut it about 1/8th of an inch thick. That was when I discovered my son’s head needs hair! I could not WAIT for it to grow back. I will just eat frugal instead…Top Ramen is cheap!!

  68. I buzz DH & Mayhem’s hair but Havoc has a widows peak & cow lick and double crown & couple other weird hair laying patterns, so he needs to wear it longish & I can’t trim that for anything. So I pay $15 for him

  69. I cut the boys hair a few times when they were much younger. I made them look so bad that I decided it was worth the money for a barber since then. It is either that oir just buzz them every spring and fall?

  70. And this is exactly why I stopped cutting my husband and son’s hair. We save money in other ways but I couldn’t bear my husband going to work wearing hats every day until whatever mistake I made to his head grew out…

  71. Love it! Hubby asked me to cut his hair, but I was too scared and said no. Now daughter does it and she makes $10 plus tips. Sometimes no tip and sometimes she makes another $3.

    It definitely looks like a tween cut it. But he doesn’t care.

    I just wonder what will happen when she is a teen and mad…. YIKES! Will have to hire you and your amazing animated life skills!

    Their might be blood in that one! hehehehe

  72. Mullets are awesome. Nothing says lovin’ like giving your boys a little business up front, party in the back. They should be THANKING you.


    Richard Marx from 1986

  73. I think I’ve come home and cut my own hair after every haircut I’ve ever paid for. Something just wasn’t quite right. One EXPENSIVE guy I went to asked who cut my hair. When I admitted that it was me, he said, “It’s so EVEN.” And, that’s bad how?

  74. WOW…your pics are so funny! I ALSO am a hair cutting mama…I once forgot to put the number 3/8 guard back on the clippers after close-cutting my hubby’s sideburns & neck. ONE big long swipe right above his ear on ONE side…right before an important business trip presentation. I wanted to do the other side to BALANCE it…he wouldnt hear of it! I sent him OUT for a while after that!. My only hairyscary moment in a couple decades of cutting my boys/hubby’s hair….and YES I do cut in the kitchen. Icky I KNOW! Also cut the dog’s hair in the kitchen. wanna come over for lunch??! 😉

  75. Can a Mullet Reversal be performed outside of a hospital? Loved this! (And, see-through clothes make perfect sense to me.)

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