Mattel Toy Store in Fort Worth {Save Money}

The holidays are upon us.   Catalogs are rolling in and kids will soon be starting their wish lists for Santa.

But don’t fret, Mama.   I’ve discovered a little secret for saving bundles of money on toys.

It’s the Mattel Toy Store.     Although is is not an outlet store, they offer incredible deals, coupons, and specials and they let you combine and stack so your savings is just like outlet store pricing.

mattel toy store fort worth

Mattel Toy Store

The Mattel Toy Store is located at 501 Meacham Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76106. They are located in a warehouse area but they are open to the public.   Their hours are Tuesday – Saturday from 10:00 am – 6:00 pm.   For more information, please call 817-302-3360 or visit the Mattel Toy Store Fort Worth website.   Be sure to also follow Mattel on Facebook.

I was a little bit leary of what to expect in this store.   Would it be a really small selection of items that they just wanted to move because they were from last year or scratch and dent toys?   Boy was I surprised to find a large toy store with lots of selection of current toys in perfect condition.

mattel toy store collage

Holiday Toys

There were rows and rows of toys that my boy and girl loved.   Hot Wheels, Green Lantern, Batman, Barbie, Disney Princess, Polly Pocket, Fisher Price Loving Family, and so much more.   There were some great deals in the store.

When you go be sure to check out the Green Tag aisle.   Everything on this aisle has a green price tag on it and you will pay 50% of that price.   These items are in fine condition but the box is a little damaged or a corner is bent.   The toys were all good, just the packing was a little roughed up.   These will be great for those presents that Santa just leaves under the tree unwrapped!

mattel toy store savings

But the Mattel Toy Store doesn’t just carry toys for kids.   They also carry lots of great baby gear and equipment.

discounted baby gear

Save Money

I’m still overwhelmed with how much money I saved.   There are Mattel Toy Store coupons that you can print out on the website.   These are some really good deals.   I asked a sweet lady who works there about other ways to save and I learned that my husband happens to work for one of the Mattel Toy Store Corporate Partners so we saved additional money with that discount.

But they also have surprise deals that may not be mentioned on their website like the scratch off ticket I got when I went to check out.

mattel toy store scratch off coupon

Sign your child up for the Mattel Toy Store Birthday Club and they will receive a special birthday card and birthday certificate redeemable for a $5.00 coupon.

Want to save even more money?   Just fill out the Mattel Toy Store Membership Application.   Bring it to the store next time you go and you’ll get an additional 10% off your purchases.

There are so many ways to save money at the Mattel Toy Store that it just makes sense to stop by there to get your holiday toy shopping done.

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