You know the saying “You can’t go home again” but I totally disagree!  I have some incredible friends back home in New Jersey and every time we see each other, it’s like no time has passed.   We literally pick up where we left off.  And in just a few hours,  we closed a 5 year gap.

It’s hard to believe, it’s been 5 years since I saw Kristine, Kathy and Lisa.   In those five years, I lost my dad, had my son and watched my two babies grow into people.  We have all passed major milestones in our lives but somehow, even across the miles, we have been there for each other.

This past weekend we spent the day at the races!  Sounds like an odd choice for a reunion right?  Let me explain….  My dad was a huge fan of the race track —  the Monmouth Race track in NJ to be more specific.  So every year his friends and family get together in his honor for a day at the races.  This was my first year to attend (sadly).  So I told my friends I would be there and they didn’t skip a beat.   With their daughters in tow, my friends make the trip to spend the day with me and  meet my daughter for the first time.

I have known my friends since elementary school.  We have been the best of friends since high school.  But since leaving New Jersey, I don’t get to spend much time with them.  So every time we get together it’s a special time.  This trip was no exception.  It may have been only a few hours, but we cherish every second we can spend together.  And we’ll remember it for a lifetime.

So I say, you can go home again — because home isn’t a place — home is made up of great friends, family and memories!

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