Kindergarten, A Loose Tooth — What’s Next, Graduation?

Kindergarten and losing a first tooth — too much for any mother to bare!  Silly huh?  I didn’t realize how sentimental I would be this last week of toddler-hood!  Actually she is not a toddler anymore.  My daughter is 5 and growing at a rapid speed that I can’t slow down.   Believe me I have tried!  When I picked her up at pre-school today she was so proud to show me her loose tooth and all I wanted to do was stop time!  How could I be so upset about something that makes her so happy?  It wasn’t too long ago that she was spitting bubbles and melting my heart with her smiles.

I was able to savor her innocence for a few extra days.  Sienna’s tooth finally came out this past weekend.  And it was as dramatic as I thought it would be.  Actually it didn’t want to come out.  So we helped it a little.  The tooth fairy was also very generous with this first tooth.  All in all it was a good experience — and despite being so emotional about it, I made it through.  Now kindergarten is a different story.  We’ll find out more about that tomorrow!

Sienna did meet her teacher today and really liked her!