We are looking forward to the fall and beginning to homeschool our oldest. I love the sounds of this meme, stART. Michelle is a former elementary school teacher who created weekly activities for her kids mixing literature (stories) and art projects. They look like a ton of fun! Here was one of the projects that she did with her daughters this past spring. Hopefully, you’ll be inspired from her collection of book-based crafts. Thanks Michelle, of A Mommy’s Adventures for joining us today. . This week we read Good Morning, Pond, by Alyssa Satin Capucilli. This book starts off with a frog leaping into the pond and waking up all the animals that live in and around the pond and ends with three children coming to see all the animals in the pond. Emily loved acting out the different sounds and motions of the various animals in this story, of course the frog was her very favorite. I liked that it was written in a semi cumulative story form. It made if a lot of fun to read and easy for Emily to follow along. I picked this book out because Emily loves frogs at the moment and I thought that she would enjoy reading a book with a frog in it and then making a frog project to go with it. I love projects made out of paper plates so I thought it would be fun to make a frog out of one. To go along with this book. .

How to make your own paper plate frog

First, Emily painted the front and back of a paper plate green.   While the paper plate was drying Emily colored in black circles on the top of two green bottle tops. (We had these in our huge bottle top collection.)   I drew and cut out frog arms and legs on green construction paper. Emily received Do-a-Dot markers for Easter (She was so excited!!) so she wanted to color in the frogs arms and legs a little more with them. . After all the pieces were dry, Emily folded the paper plate in half and I made a small slit in the middle of the fold to slide the tongue which I cut out of craft foam through. Then Emily glued on the arms, legs ¦. ¦ and bottle cap eyes.   Isn’t the finished product so much fun!   Thanks again to Mommy’s Adventures for sharing their story+art or “stART” project with us! Do you have a project you’d love to share with the QM readers? Feel free to email it to me! ad***@qu*********.com

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  1. That is so precious! I may have the kids try these at one of our playgroups- looks easy enough:)

    Thanks for sharing!