potluck with weapons

Potlucks are on MondaysMonday again has reared it’s ugly head.

But around here we are celebrating!

Yes, the kids are home…

screaming and climbing the walls.

Family is what the holidays are all about.

Grab your earplugs and any repelling equipment needed to join in.

And now for a little storyAs I have mentioned before, we have weapons.

Lots and lots of weapons.

I started out thinking that if I didn’t provide guns for the boys then it wouldn’t occur to them that they needed guns.

Oh how silly I was.

I can testify to the male genetic need for weapons despite their mommy’s peace loving ways.

And then blog-Stedman came home with new Nerf swords.

Three Nerf swords – one for each boy!

Ok, technically two Nerf swords and one battle axe – because every 4 year old needs a battle axe!

Lord have mercy on me.

Last week I went up to check on the boys after bedtime and found this…

Nerf battle axe clutched in sleeping boys handsLord have mercy, maybe every 4 year old DOES need a battle axe.

Thanks to everyone who left comments this week.   I love me some comments.

Two really made me laugh this week in response to my need to look up the Latin meaning for sed:

“How long before they start calling each other sed-head?”Heidi

“Hey, does my sed look big in these jeans???” – Amy

Congrats to Heidi and Amy who have the world wide bragging rights to Nirvana Commenter of the Week…for the next seven days.

confession of the weekThis week’s confession is something that I have mentioned on Facebook (please be sure you are a liker for this AND other golden moments):

I like iCarly.

I turn it on for the boys to watch because I enjoy it.

The other night after the boys went to bed blog-Stedman walked through the living room and said, “Aren’t the boys asleep?   Why are you still watching this?”


What is in Holly's Fruit Bowl?And now for the moment that no self-respecting Monday would be without…

What is in Holly’s Fruit Bowl?

those metal art thingys are still there, but now a little squished under a bunch of faux bananas (if they were real, they would be rotten by now) and the gun that belongs to a Boba Fett costume.

May your Monday be sed-a-licious.


  1. I tried that no gun philosophy with my boys. When they were about 3 & 4 I found them shooting tampons by the applicators at one another. According to the oldest they were not using them correctly because you were supposed to light the strings on fire first, then shoot them & they would explode on target.

    So then I went to the dollar store & bought cap guns because it’s hard to explain to guests why they are finding unexploded Tampex in the sofa cushions

  2. As a mom of FIVE boys I will tell you, no matter how much you detour boys from weapons and battle… it is in their genetics, their blood and they love it. They are hunters and gatherers naturally.

    Let them be. 🙂

    Crystal & Co. Confession: They scratch and pass gas too and there just aint no changing that.

  3. LOVE THIS!!!!

    Look on the bright side- at least they were not smoking the tampons! 🙂

  4. I tried the no guns rule with my first son. It lasted until at the age of 3.5 he chewed his cracker into the shape of a gun and proceeded to shoot at me across the lunch table. Yep, it’s definitely a genetical blood-lusty thing we moms of boys just have to survive. 😉

  5. My kids love weapons too! We are surprising our son (and nephews) this year with PVC pipe guns that they can take apart and re-create with longer barrel’s shorter stocks, etc. And they can even shoot marshmallows with them! I think they’ll be a huge hit 🙂

  6. My four boys and the hubby are all about guns, nerf gun battles, bb guns, cap guns and when they get older, lessons at the club with 22’s. A stocking stuffer tradition here: more ammo for everyone! Well besides me, I get things that smell pretty.

  7. Wow how bad has it gotten that he must sleep with his battle axe.

  8. I need a battle axe! Oh, wait. I meant to say I AM a battle axe.

  9. I confess, that I too have watched children’s TV after they have gone off, and my husband has said almost the same thing.

  10. I know exactly what you are talking about! I told myself and everyone else that we would never have guns for the boys and it just started off with the nerf swords and then there were the nerf guns and somehow we ended up with a house full of Nerf! You should see the photo I posted on my blog a while back of my boys fighting blind folded with Nerf swords…Priceless! 5 boys here! 🙂

  11. Gotta confess, I’ll leave iCarly too on if I find it on TV… and I have no kids to blame.

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