Amaretto Dessert Cherries

Summer is the perfect time to turn to Mother Nature for ingredients, so when Recipe Redux asked members to create a mini-portion sweet treat,  we knew we had to take advantage of cherry season. Our inspiration came from  Formal Fringe. Adding dark chocolate, eliminating the oil and using less white chocolate makes them a touch healthier and sacrifices NO flavor whatsover.

Let this small bite  be proof that you CAN indulge without the bulge. Cheers!


20 fresh, unpitted cherries (washed)
½ bar of dark chocolate and ½ bar white chocolate
Approximately 3 cups of amaretto

Place cherries into a medium size bowl.  Pour amaretto over cherries so that each cherry is submerged.  Cover and place in fridge for 24 hours. Strain and pat down cherries until dry.

Melt chocolate in a double broiler over medium heat until chocolate is smooth and shiny.

Create homemade piping bags by spooning the dark and white melted chocolate into 2 separate ziploc bags, and squeeze out all of the air in the bag before closing. With scissors, snip ONE corner of each bag and push the chocolate toward that corner. Twist the top of the bag to create  the piping ability.

Drizzle chocolate by gently squeezing chocolate over cherries and place on wax paper to dry.


Special thanks to Robinsbite intern Leah Wakefield for her can do attitude in creating, testing and modifying this recipe!