It occurred to me earlier this week while my husband had the week off work that we had neglected to take a vacation this summer. Life had just gotten in the way.

So we decided to take a mini-break this week and vacation close to home.

We saw the sights…

and just hung around.

We stopped running around in circles…

and watched each other have fun.

We visited an indoor ocean…

and were knocked over by waves.

We let school work slide…

and worked on balancing our lives.

Because sometimes you just need to take a moment…

to gain a new perspective.

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  1. Such cuties! Your priorities are definitely in the right place. It is never too late to take a vacation. Is that you balancing on those two boards, pulling yourself up?!

  2. Those are great photos! I love the one up against the netting.

    We're at an indoor water park now but the lighting is really low & I can't get a decent shot.