i love holiday gift tags

One of the reasons I like Christmas is that I actually like to wrap presents.*

*I like wrapping the first 10 presents and then pull out the gift bags.

I love a smartly wrapped box.

Crisp corners.

Coordinating ribbon.

Unique gift tag.

handmade holiday gift tags from HallmarkI also like how all the boxes look under the tree if they are all wrapped with coordinating paper and ribbons.


For several years I have been purchasing gift tags from Sam’s Club.   They come in an assortment of 60.   They are handmade gift tags that are surprisingly adorable.

handmade holiday gift tags on shelf at Sam's ClubAdorable and affordable.

I paid $8.98 at my local Sam’s Club.

christmas gift tags

I am telling you this now, November 19, because this is one of those items that if you don’t pick them up the first time you see it, it will be gone.

I missed out last year.

All my packages had handmade gift tags, but they were handmade by me.   And they more closely resembled strips of paper than gift tags.

No glitter.

No feathers.

No fold-out tissue paper feature.

Learn from my mistake.


  1. My gift tags last year were plain white mailing labels with the names written on in Sharpie. But it was RED sharpie, so that’s festive, right? Hey, it got the job done.

  2. Great reminder! Since I usually send all of my presents out of town I usually just do those boring stick on tags. Packing and shipping usually messes up the nice ones! But maybe I will check our BJs and see if they have something similar this year! Thanks!

  3. I freaking LOVE wrapping presents!!! Until last year when I was exhausted and pregnant and finally realized that my 21 month old twins did not give a ca-rap about whether or not the presents were wrapped.

    And people, including my husband, think I’m nuts for buying coordinating wrapping paper.

  4. Oh my word those are awesome! I hate the crappy ones that you have to stick onto the package. Your hand made ones sound very similar to my hand made ones!

  5. For those who don’t make it to Sam’s Club on time, Home Depot has an amazing assortment of gift supplies as well.

  6. Ahhh! This talk of gifts and wrapping is giving me stress! I’m not even ready for Thanksgiving, so to all of you who are so prepared, know I am jealous. 😉

  7. I love gift wrapping! Ever go to a “Draw-a number” gift exchange? All the presents in boxes with cool ribbons and tags get drawn first.
    We buy these tags too. My problem– I buy too much wrapping stuff! I forget I have stuff from last year…

  8. I LOVE wrapping presents. Every year I pick one color for all the paper and another color for all the ribbon. It’s an obsession.

  9. Oh no, my Sam’s card just ran out. But I will check at Costco and see if they have cute ones. I love that Costco has cute bags in a box. Have used those for several years.

  10. Costco has had really cute tags in the past too — hope the poster before me finds some. I love wrapping presents, but for me it’s more about the curling ribbon/bows than the tags!

  11. I ran into your post about the Sam’s Club Handmade Gift Tags while trying to find some for sale after Christmas. I bought them this year and they were so cute, we decided to decorate our entire tree with them and not unpack and re-pack our regular ornaments. The tree was a hit!!! Wish I could post a pic here for you and wish I had bought more. We decorated under the tree with Sam’s Club lit Christmas packages.

  12. I love this idea and will post pictures if Trudy sends them to me!

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