I am a people watcher. I love sitting in a public place and observing others. One of my favorite things is how people protect their personal space. For instance, in an elevator everyone stands equidistant from each other: Holly has personal space issues Sometimes I like to mess with the elevator people a bit by shifting my position ever so slightly as to create imbalance and watch the subconscious chaos ensue. Obviously karma has been watching and taken action to balance the world, because my off-spring have an entirely different take on the elevator scene. Let me state right now that I don’t let my children ride elevators by themselves so this is purely hypothetical: Holly's kids have personal space issues I have noticed this phenomenon at home. Where ever I am the room is completely imbalanced. Where ever I walk it is crowded. Where ever I pee it is accompanied. Issue of Personal Space - Kids Activities Blog   What a huge waste of square footage. I am selling the house and moving into the minivan. At least there they are strapped in an equidistant formation.

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  1. Hahahahhaha! Fig E is hilarious. I almost woke up my baby with my monkey laughter again!
    “Wasted space in the house” comment comes out of my mouth every single day! But then older one innocently says ” the other rooms are boring without you” Argh!

  2. In regards to space, particularly in elevators I have noticed your theorem to be true. I work for a company in a 6 story building with 2 elevators and approximately 800 employees. The elevators were not made for the 800 employees, considering we lease the building. I ride the elevator several times a day. 1. To go to my office on the 4th floor, 2. To go to the 1st floor at 9:30 for a smoke break, 3. To ride back up to my office on the 4th floor at 9:40, 3. To go to lunch at 12:30 to the 1st floor, 4. To go to the basement to get snackage, 5. To go to my office…etc etc. Literally riding an elevator an approximate 8-10 times per day. I have notice unfailingly that every time I get on the elevator everyone, no matter if I know them or not, are equidistant in space. EVERY TIME. It does not matter if there are 2 people on the elevator or 8. Equidistant space is a must! Strange to thing, after reading your post how true this is. On the other side, my kids, who crowd my “space” no matter what 🙂

  3. HA!! Just replace “kids” with “dogs” and you are describing my life perfectly. Ever had a 50lb Australian Cattle Dog intently watch you pee? It’s a little unnerving.

  4. I can’t remember personal space. Hubby’s space away from everyone is his workshop 10 ft by 20 ft building with insulation, electricity and a heat pump. If only I had thought to add running water a half bathroom when we had it rebuilt. Then we could call it the guest house. As long as guests did not mind sharing the space with various power tools. 🙂

  5. We had a shepherd.

    The shepherd *hearded* us.

    We wouldn’t notice at first, then we’d realize that the dog had very gently shoved us into a corner and was sitting next to us looking very proud.

    This was not a behavior we rewarded.

  6. Both of my kids crawled in bed with me this morning and were laying on TOP of ME. Not my husband. ME. What is with that?