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Discover the science of flight from super heroes to helicopters to pterosaurs during this night of high flyin ™ fun at the Museum of Nature and Science sleepover!

Go behind the scenes with after-hours access to intriguing exhibits, exclusive demonstrations, and hands-on activities. Sharpen your skills for discovery with secretive scavenger hunts and create clever crafts that you can take home.

She Is Dallas Info:   The Museum of Nature and Science sleepovers will take place July 21 (Registration closes July 13) and August 4, 2012 (Registration closes July 27), and September 15, 2012 (Registration closes September 7).   Geared toward children 6-12 years old. Cost: $35 per child /$20 per adult chaperone.   Parking is inside Fair Park via Gate 5 or Gate 6 and is always free.   MNS can also be accessed via the new DART Green Line with stops at MLK, Jr. and Fair Park stations. The Museum of Nature and Science Nature Bldg is located at 3535 Grand Avenue at Fair Park in Dallas. For more information, please call 972-201-0618 or visit the Museum of Nature and Science website. You can also follow the Museum of Nature and Science on Facebook.

My son and I packed up our sleeping bags and headed to the Museum of Nature and Science for their June sleepover, High Flyin’ Fun.   What a wonderful experience!

The evening started with a live stage show called Super Hero Science.   We learned about Mr. Freeze and levitation while my son experimented with Liquid Nitrogen (that’s negative 320 degrees)!   How COOL!   We also learned about other cool super hero features like invisibility and laser vision.

boy with science

Next we learned about man-made flying machines.   We made paper whirly birds and simple gliders and watched them fly in the Museum lobby.   We played with Stomp Rockets and several different model planes.   There was lots of high flying, high energy fun going on after hours in the museum.

boy making glider

After all the running around chasing our flying machines, it was time for a snack – PIZZA!   Woo hoo!

The evening settled down a little as we learned about natural flyers like bats and owls.   We made a bat craft to keep and had the chance to study some preserved flying creatures up close.   My son even used a magnifying glass to find the little tiny teeth in the bat’s mouth.

owls and bats

Time for bed!

We got to pick our own sleeping area in the Nature Building (where all the cool dinosaurs bones are).   We unrolled our sleeping bags and around midnight they called for lights out.   Of course, we were in a room full of hyped up kids who happened to have brought their own glow sticks so it may have taken our room a little longer for everyone to actually fall asleep.

The next morning, the kids were surprisingly energetic and raring to go again.   We ate a nice continental breakfast and the adults enjoyed some hot coffee to help get us going.

The event wrapped up with a a private screening of the new, award-winning IMAX ® film, National Geographic’s Flying Monsters, a documentary about the prehistoric world of pterosaurs “ flying vertebrates with a wingspan of up to 45 feet which lived 160 million years ago!     Be sure to check out the Flying Monsters trailer and download the free Educator’s Resources on the MNS website.

We love coming to the Museum of Nature and Science but this was the most fun we’ve ever had there.   It was definitely a great experience and we highly recommend it.

Make sure you sign up for one of the three remaining sleepover events.   The September sleepover is a new event with an entirely different theme, Mystery in the Museum.   My son is begging to go check that one out!

Museum Sleepovers: Snore and Explore! Schedule:

*Note: Registration closes one week prior to the event.   All sleepovers will be held at the Museum of Nature & Science in Fair Park.

  • High Flyin ™ Fun After Dark Sleepover “ Event Date: July 21 (Registration closes July 13)
  • High Flyin ™ Fun After Dark Sleepover “ Event Date: August 4 (Registration closes July 27)
  • (NEW) Mystery in the Museum Sleepover “ Event Date: September 15 (Registration closes September 7)

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