I’m always looking for the newest, natural skin care products and it looks like I found one. OrganicaPure is an organic skin care line that is also good for your budget. And right now Plum District is offering $45 worth of skincare products for only $21! Related: Who makes Kirkland products? OrganicaPure skin care products are made with natural ingredients and their line includes body butter, scrubs, anti-stretchmark lotions, bath salts, and so much more that will leave your skin glowing. With this offer, you’ll get $45 worth of merchandise that will leave you looking and feeling like a million bucks! Their 17 products harness the natural strength of three powerful ingredients: Cocoa, Honey, and Aloe Vera. All three ingredients were used as natural remedies in Mayon culture, and have since been researched to verify Mayan claims of revitalizing properties. Used for generations as powerful healing and strengthening elements, OrganicaPure has harnessed this knowledge to provide a careful balance that ensures maximum restorative strength. Products are made with certified organic ingredients cultivated and harvested from the world renown lands of Mexico’s Yucatan region. They carry body scrubs, shampoo, body lotions, body butter, body creams, bath salts, body wash, anti-stretchmark cream, and facial cleansers So head over to Plum District and check out this great offer for natural skincare products.

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  2. Excellent post, I always use natural skin care products only and advise others also to use. I found OrganicaPure as one of the trusted brand in organic skin care products, especially I like body scrub and lotion.