I love this deal! You know how much stuff we collect from our children’s lives — a t-shirt from a school play, or a sporting event or event for Mother’s Day. Now you can take all of those memories and put them into a custom-made T-shirt Memory Pillow cover. Pick up one of these custom-made pillows from Mominizer for only $32 (retail $65). Let Mominizer transform four of your child’s old R-shirts into a pillow cover they’ll always cherish (have a lot more than four T-shirts you want to use? Check out our deal for 50% off a memory quilt). At half the price, these pillow covers (there’s no purchase limit) are a no-brainer gift for graduation or birthday gift.  Snuggle up and reminisce with this 28 x 28 pillow cover that will easily fit over any square pillow. So visit Plum District and pick up this special voucher and start creating!  This deal is good through May 25th.

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