Free AC Inspections for Storm Damaged Homes!

If your home was damaged by the tornadoes that hit North Texas on Tuesday, Service Experts is advising you not to run the system until you have it inspected! So right now Service Experts is offering free inspections for area homeowners concerned that their air conditioning system has been damaged. (Inspections are normally priced at $49.)

Service Experts says if your outside unit was shifted by strong winds and storms, or if falling tree limbs or debris dented the system, it could need major repair. There's no danger to the homeowner, but the components could be damaged,  said Brad Scherer, area manager for Texas Service Area Locations. Refrigerant lines could be crimped, or the exterior coil could be damaged. Running the system in that condition could shorten the life of the air conditioner, which costs thousands of dollars to replace. 

Homeowners can call one of the three area Service Experts offices through 5 p.m. Saturday, April 7, to schedule a free appointment:


(Numbers are also available on the web site at

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