Personal Artwork

I wanted to fill an empty wall in my office with artwork but didn’t want to spend a fortune. I spend a lot-o-time in this room, and I want it to be pretty!

Framed personal art

A few years ago, my hubby and I went to Mexico and took some great pictures! It was sooo beautiful! I decided to blow up our pictures for my artwork. The two pictures on the left and right are actually our footprints in the sand! This isn’t something I’m going to find in every home on my street.

It’s personal.

It has meaning.

So, when I’m working I can glance over and remember how it felt to have the sand in between my toes…aahhh.

Don’t limit your artwork to what you can find in the store!

Another great idea would be to copy your own photos in black and white. This is a really dramatic look.

Priscilla is a Flower Mound decorator with Decorating Spaces.   She writes about how to make your space more beautiful at Unlocking the Possibilities.

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