on nicknames

Ryan(9) has been a debater since birth…at first he was very adept at arguing his case without verbal skills.

As he matured, so did his ability to defend a position.

boy wants nickname

Because I have years and years of experience as his opposing council, it never occurred to me that one of the other boys could challenge me.

I am good.

Then Rhett(4) came along.   His ability to argue with persistence unmatched is truly remarkable.

He isn’t even hampered by truth and reality.

Usually he wins when I tire of the conversation.   The boy can wear me out.

This time I think I got him:

Rhett:   Mom, why don’t I have a nickname?

Me:   I don’t know.   We just didn’t give you one.

EVERYONE in the family has a nickname except me.

No, no one in the family has a nickname.

YES!   Everyone has one.

They do not.   I don’t have one…except for mommy.

Yes they do. I am not talking about you.   I am talking about Reid and Ryan.

Reid and Ryan don’t have nicknames!

Yes they do.

Reid is Reid and Ryan is Ryan.

Why am I the ONLY one in the family without a nickname?

You are not!

Yes!   I want a nickname right now.

What is Ryan’s nickname?   What is Reid’s nickname?

I want a nickname like Reid and Ryan!

Please answer my question.   What are Ryan and Reid’s nicknames?

Oh.   I guess I don’t understand the meaning of nickname.


  1. That conversation kind of makes me dizzy!

    And now I have to wonder what exactly it is that he is thinking is a nickname.

  2. Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. Score one for MOM!!!

  3. just enroll him now in law school ’cause he has me doubting that i ever knew what a nickname really was….

  4. Some day we have to get our boys together. You and I could lay in lawn chairs sippin’ good Southern cocktails, and the boys could swirl around us with their quick moving words and bodies!

    Love this story!

  5. I once had a hysterical tantrum when my mom fulfilled my request for ice-water.

    WHAT? She cried desperately as I wailed about how WRONG the ice-water was.

    I was so distressed I could barely tell her how the ice-water had failed to live up to my expectations.

    But finally I choked it out.

    It had ICE in it.

    This was last Tuesday. I’m still not over it.

  6. I have these conversations sometimes too. This particular one is very funny.

  7. I love that you were able to get that all down. Four year olds are fun!!!:)

  8. Laughed out loud on this one! I am curious to know what exactly he thinks a nickname is…
    Is that for another post?

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