$40 for Chiropractic Exam, 1-Hour Massage Plus Nutritional Evaluation!

This is an incredible deal. You can not only get a Chiropractic Exam but a 1-Hour Massage and Nutritional Evaluation for only $40 at Awareness Chiropractic.

This deal from Juice in the City is for the office in Colleyville. Here’s how they explain the deal:

If you’ve got aches or pains, Awareness Chiropractic in Colleyville is the perfect place to head. The daily grind of being a busy mom causes loads of stress on your body! Being stuck in front of the computer, carrying your kids to and fro, and even poor posture can all cause pressure on your spine that leads to pain, illness, and reduced function of your nervous system. Dr. Labus specializes in total health, which is why you’re going to love taking advantage of this deal. Rest assured, you’re gonna leave the office in better shape “ mentally and physically!

So pick up a voucher and stop by Awareness Chiropractic. It’s located at 3930 Glade Rd, Suite 114 in Colleyville.

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