img_16481These “I Spy” jars are great fun for a wide variety of ages.   A must for the diaper bag.   My infant likes using the jar as a rattle, and our toddler and pre-schoolers enjoy identifying and counting the objects they find. ….. ….. What you will need:
  • Charms
  • Silica Pellets or Rice
  • Clear Containers
  • Glue Gun
I purchased some of my charms from this Etsy seller, the others I had laying around the house.   Pick 15-30 charms to put into your container, fill 3/4 the way full with the silica or rice.   Seal the container closed with the glue gun and viola!   You have an “I Spy” jar.     If you are really industrious you can make a list of things that each jar contains so you can prompt your kids and help them search.   I hope your jars entertain your kids as much as ours have! img_1642charms

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  1. I make these myself for my program and also for my kids schools. Just to give you some more ideas to make these neat little “I Spy” games, if you sew, you can make squares, and cut out a box in the center of one side for a window and simply use a square of plastic from a table cloth protector to see through and find the objects. When I teach the classes on how to make them, I use wash, dried and de-labeled water or small pop bottles. But I find the rice makes it seem cloudy, so I use clear vase pellets. For my objects, I pick them all up from the dollar store and can stretch them to make at least 20-30 games. It’s well worth the money and time! Just some ideas you may want to try on your own. Happy Creating!

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  3. I absolutely love this idea!!! And I love your blog too, been here before.. I may have featured one of your activities in my blog 🙂 Dropping in from blogfrog