It is Monday. It is Potluck. It is a given.

Goooooooood Moooooooonday Everyone! Yep, your dreams have finally come true and it is again Monday. Yeah for Monday. You know you want to frantically celebrate it. Come on!

Today’s potluck will not feature green or orange lollipops at the request of Kim at Frog Pond Rocks “mmmmm Green lollies (candy).. I don’t like any lollies that are green. I am not fond of orange sweets either but the green ones are just well too green.. *skips away eating red lollies*”

I wholeheartedly endorse skipping but am a bit frightened of skipping while eating a lollie due to the possible danger. So please be careful Kim.

I will say that today’s potluck will be a bit of a sacrifice for me because I truly believe that one of the world’s greatest candies will not be allowed. Yes, the green apple blowpop is banned for today because of Kim. Please be gentle to Kim. She may not have experienced the heaven that is the green apple blowpop in Australia.

Please, please, please let’s be adults and respectful of Kim’s wishes.

I don’t want to walk into the restroom and find you sneaking a green apple blowpop.

Hold it together people!

I interrupt this potluck for an award ceremony:


Before I go on with the awards ceremony, I must bring up a sensitive award issue. I was called out on some one’s blog who will remain nameless but has the name of a feminine color with the addition of a “Y” on the end for giving her an award that she already received. Then someone else who I will refer to as EEPKAY ELIEVINGBAY continued the dog pile. So from now on all my awards are giving with the following disclaimer:

The following disclaimer: I can’t help it if I am not the only person on the Internet that thinks you are cute, smart, original, creative, hot, excellent, good, great, in need of a hug, in need of a bouquet of flowers, in need of a poem, and/or funny. I cannot be held accountable for the actions of others that may or may not have resulted in a duplication of the award in question. Accepting the award is up to you, but once you do accept said award if I hear any crap about said award I am revoking said award because if I gave you said award you deserved said award so deal with said award. Thank you very much.

My friend Madge sent this over. Madge is the reason that I started my blog. I love Madge. So thanks Madge. (hug) *OMG. I seem to be virtually hugging Madge all the time lately.*

I would love to pass this award* on to the following people:
1. To Jen at Cheaper than Therapy who can take a good picture and be funny, very funny.
2. To Christine at Just Another Manic Mommy who always makes me laugh. She is the kinda girl you wish you lived next door to…
3. To Suzie at Up the Hill Backwards who looks at everything a bit different in a funny I-wish-I-had-thought-of-that kinda way.
4. To Rachel at A Southern Fairy Tale who is a fellow Texan. It is because of her that my family is now on a waffle detox diet.
5. To Janet at Planet of Janet. It has come to my attention that we are twins that were ruthlessly separated at birth and brought up in different families. Thank God for the Internet who reunited us in sisterhood bliss. (hugs sis!) *OMG! I am virtually hugging again.*
*all awards given under aforementioned disclaimer*

Good news on the Google front! Googling “crocs stock” and “hannah montana” have edged out “june cleaver nude” for the top referral spots.

Mad Squirrel has requested a laugh. I would like to point her and anyone else in need of one to Mommy Pie’s dream which was the funniest thing I saw all week.

What is up with Holly’s coccyx?

More of the same…

So last week I related how Reid (5) was tormenting his older brother, Ryan (7) by calling him “Captain Crunch”. I was able to stop that so that a peace treaty could be negotiated among the nations of brotherhood. Well…

A few days later Ryan was again upset and calling that “Reid is calling me bad names again!” Normally I just ignore such things, but quite honestly I was curious and needed the entertainment so I investigated this serious war of words. Reid explained that he again was not using bad words. He was calling his brother, “Lunch”. Oh, and occasionally “Captain Lunch”.

That Reid makes me laugh and in a few years I may have him take over the blog.

And now it is time to find out who is Peep of the Week!

In response to last week’s potluck:

Um, I showed up for the potluck this week with “…” I heard that you like them. Where should I put them?
And are there any other guys who showed up at this potluck? Will we be talking baseball at all in between bites of egg rolls and chicken or should I feign expertise on disrupting toddler tantrums?

I responded to him that there would be other men present at the potluck but they were mostly the strong silent type. So for his courage in potluck participation and his continual wit Ron Davison is Peep of the week for the second time. Way to go Ron! Please note the above disclaimer since you now have two of these awards.

*drum roll*
Yes, it is finally time to find out what is in Holly’s fruit bowl:

Three small pumpkins and a zucchini.

And just because it is Monday I am sending everyone home with a virtual hug…


  1. Green apple blowpops? They sound nice…


    (Although the blow bit has me a bit worried. Maybe that is just my dirty mind though.)

  2. SuburbanCorrespondent says:

    Brian used to torment David by calling him Shronko. Neither had any idea what it meant. Nor did I. I settled it by telling Brian to be polite and call his brother Mr. Shronko instead.

  3. Beth (A Mom's Life) says:

    Pumpkins? Is it October already?

  4. frogpondsrock says:

    BAHAHAHAHAAAA… I cant wrote a comment at the moment..Sorry.. I am giggling too much.. Way too much.

    I think that the award disclaimer should be worthy of an award in its own right…I might have to make up a frogpondsrock “NER NER” award to be used in conjunction with “The Nirvana disclaimer”

    hahahaha thanks for the giggle Holly xxx kim

  5. While I can respect the green lolli rule, I just wanted to ask…is it the lime flavor that she dislikes, because as I am sure we ALL are aware, times, they are a changing. Most icky puke lime flavors have SINCE been replaced by the more popular green apple, and if you don’t like green apple, I am pretty sure you’re a communist.

  6. the planet of janet says:

    you make my day, too, sis! (oh, wait. if i give you the award, does that mean i need to give that disclaimer? after all, you have already received it because you made someone else’s day. ayeeeeeee. this makes my head hurt!)

    hugs, sis!

  7. Anglophile Football Fanatic says:

    I love that you are giving Janet some love. And, I see two buttons, but not mine…that you said would be up three weeks ago. I feel LESS than loved, Holly.

  8. I hate Mondays, but your potlucks make them not so bad!

  9. Thank you thank you so much. I will take this ward galdly and not bitch.
    I am so happy there is fruit again in your fruit bowl I was getting worried although Im not sure if pumpkins qualify as fruit but Ill let it pass…this time.

  10. Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says:

    I feel well hugged. Well, virtually anyway.

    Here’s to another awsome week…let the games begin!

  11. Jenn @ Juggling Life says:

    MVP was once driving his GrownupGirl crazy by calling her “Goofy.” After being reprimanded he switched to calling her “Not Goofy.” We were amused; she was not!

  12. franticallysimple says:

    Once again your Monday potluck has not failed to satisfy.
    Nad I can’t help bot notice you used the word frantically. Are you trying to send me a secret message?

  13. On a Limb with Claudia says:

    Hurry for the middle child! whoop whoop! Every middle child in the world just twirled around in place in celebration of Reid!

    You know, Jacob, of His nickname is “Captain Crunch” because he’s the captain of the hockey team, he gets crunched up, and he loves cereal. But I probably already told you that…. 🙂

  14. laughingatchaos says:

    Wow. Your boys have better teasing names than mine do. 😉 Mine go for the farty fart fart kind of names. Of course, we could call A anything other than his name and he’ll freak out…maybe I should try calling him lunch and see what happens. 😉

  15. Mmmm. Potluck. Goooood. Stuffed.

    If hefty nakedness in my dream upsets anyone’s stomach, you have my sincerest apology.

  16. Wow, i’m SO flattered to get an award from you, seriously. Thank you!

    PS…humor is on clearance at Target, that’s where I got mine…and everything else! 😉

  17. perhaps moving in together (in a well staffed virtual mansion) wouldn’t be such a great idea after all. As I hang my head in shame I shall now admit to you that I don’t like green apple anything.

    I do love blow pops, if that counts… Just not the green ones.

    Thanks for the virtual hug, although hopefully now you don’t feel it was recieved under deceptive (on my part) pretenses…

  18. Alias Liz Jones says:

    Just stopped by to see what’s up for Potluck. Pumpkin I see. It sounds better than the coffee grounds that I was going to prepare.
    Plus I wanted to say thank you so much for the stumble.
    Alias Liz

  19. Jennifer H says:

    I can’t handle any more complexity to the award-awarding process.

    Congratulations on your award!

  20. I love your award disclaimer. I was going to mention that I knew you already got the award I was giving you from Madge, but I was doing it anyway. But I forgot, so I’m glad you’re all fine with that and still sending virtual hugs to even me. *hug* back.

  21. Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart says:

    Pumpkins? Really?

    My kids recently bickered over who got to bring in the newspaper. You never know with them, do you?

  22. Nothing can compare to a virtual hug.

    Many thanks, as always you made Monday a happy day.

    Way to go Ron! Man Power!!

  23. I tried the virtual hug thing. My husband just informed me he would prefer an actual BJ.

    Then he cried when I said I don’t know what that means.

    The hell?

  24. sniff, sniff.
    yer mad at me….but I think of youk everytime I wear my new socks.

    I have brown bananas in my fruit bowl.

  25. Oh, and I’m bilingual, too.
    English and Pig Latin.

  26. Green apple blowpops are DA BOM!! I luf them and could eat many at a time…well, only one would actually FIT in my mouth at a time (no jokes about my smaller-than-normal mouth ladies…the hubs likes it…uh…*flush*)…but I would eat one after the other successively until I puked…they are THAT good.

  27. I steal all the blow pops from the candy my kids get at parades and bday parties. And I don’t care who knows it.

  28. Nap Warden says:

    Congrats award giver…Congrats award getters!

  29. Girl you never stop! You crack me up.

  30. Elaine A. says:

    Oh Ben just had a green apple “lollie” after completing swim lessons last week. He LOOOOVED it. Damn.

    Sorry I am so late to the potluck. Hope there are some leftovers I can heat up…

  31. Ron Davison says:

    Clears his throat, shuffles his feet awkwardly. “Deal with it,” he repeats. I’m a peep and have to “deal with it?” Doesn’t peep have rapper-like connotations? Aren’t I the guy who, at high school dances they’d make wear the large sign that said, “caution – awkward man dancing – stay back!” I feel so …. okay. okay. Deal with it. Got it. This is me busting a move. and feeling a sudden twinge in my lower back. and suddenly feeling as though I may well have busted something other than a move. deal with it. indeed. “Thank you,” he groans from the easy chair, “for the award. Could someone please pass the nachos? I don’t think I can move.”

  32. Aw Thanks honey. I’m so honored and thrilled!! First you guest post on my blog and now you give me an award!! I am tickled pink! Yippeeeee!!! I would say more but I’m brain dead.

  33. Domestic Accident says:

    Only you could make me look forward to Mondays. Thanks for the chuckle.

  34. Texan Mama says:

    Okay I swear I’m not stupid but I have been following the Monday Potluck and I’m not all that sure what it’s all about. Is there supposed to be a recipe? ARe you asking for recipes? Or does potluck refer to a post without a topic? hmmmm…. maybe all my the energy in my brain cells has been sucked out and is currently in use by other, more necessary, body parts (hands to do dishes, arms to pick up baby, legs to run after naughty child, hoo-ha to service hubby, etc.) You must tell me. I am so curious.

    I did not go to BlogHer but if there is ever a Texas Mommy Blogger Slumber Party will you invite me? Pretty Pretty Please? I promise I will bring something yummy.

  35. Hot damn, woman, you make me laugh every time I come here! Which is why it’s particularly vexing that I cannot stay (HA — I said “vexing” and I’m not even wearing a powdered wig). We are leaving for a family visit in T minus 20 hours and counting, and I have wet laundry and a half-gone bottle of wine and no posts done. So I’m off like a prom dress, but I’ll be back!

    Thanks for the laugh. If I had clown hooker shoes I’d mail them to you.

    Your Bloggywood fan,

    Laurie @ Foolery

  36. Would Captain Crunch be happier if he had an eye patch and sword? Then he could really own the name! Worked for my little tormented whirling dervish.

    I am not a green lolly fan either, UNLESS it’s the green apple and caramel lollies. The caramel makes up for any green flavored deficiencies every time!

  37. EatPlayLove says:

    Ok, three things.
    1. I am so happy you say lollies and not suckers.

    2. Congrats to the award winners, but..

    3. I now am the happy owner of an original Holly illustration (which is waaay cooler!)…LOL

  38. Hey, Holly! I got a GREAT comment today. So I wonder. Could I borrow your comment of week button (and give you credit, of course)?

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