Early every Sunday morning it is a nirvana tradition to load up the minivan and head Targetward. The boys get so excited because Sunday Target trips are special. Daddy is present so dreams of dancing down the toy aisle and thoughts of icees pop in their heads.

I like the Sunday trips too. Two carts are chosen at the door. Daddy’s cart with the two older boys hanging from it’s sides turn toward the electronics department. My cart lightly loaded with just one child veers toward Starbucks. I order my Venti Soy Chai Tea Latte and Rhett gets his child’s soy milk. We then leisurely tour the open aisles with cups full of heaven.

It is the major shopping excursion of the week so I make a list. It is usually a long list but with an empty store and two carts it is easily managed.

This was last week’s list:



…indicates three things.
1. Someone hijacked the list.
2. That someone may notice an increase in intensity of his currently lax summer home learning program.
3. I can no longer use the excuse “it is not on my list”.

On the way to Target the boys requested that I read the grocery list out loud. It was met with peals of laughter and shouts of “again! again!”.

I was happy because during that 20 minute period the boys were laughing hysterically at something other than bodily functions. It doesn’t get much better than that…

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  1. I had no idea there are “super” Targets… ones that sell groceries. I thought only Walmarts had that goin’ on. Very interesting!

  2. SuperTarget’s in Utah do not have Starbucks in them. I was appalled when I discovered this fact two years ago and almost loaded the uhaul back up and hightailed it back to Colorado.

    Love the grocery list!