Conspiracy afoot at the nirvana

Early every Sunday morning it is a nirvana tradition to load up the minivan and head Targetward. The boys get so excited because Sunday Target trips are special. Daddy is present so dreams of dancing down the toy aisle and thoughts of icees pop in their heads.

I like the Sunday trips too. Two carts are chosen at the door. Daddy’s cart with the two older boys hanging from it’s sides turn toward the electronics department. My cart lightly loaded with just one child veers toward Starbucks. I order my Venti Soy Chai Tea Latte and Rhett gets his child’s soy milk. We then leisurely tour the open aisles with cups full of heaven.

It is the major shopping excursion of the week so I make a list. It is usually a long list but with an empty store and two carts it is easily managed.

This was last week’s list:



…indicates three things.
1. Someone hijacked the list.
2. That someone may notice an increase in intensity of his currently lax summer home learning program.
3. I can no longer use the excuse “it is not on my list”.

On the way to Target the boys requested that I read the grocery list out loud. It was met with peals of laughter and shouts of “again! again!”.

I was happy because during that 20 minute period the boys were laughing hysterically at something other than bodily functions. It doesn’t get much better than that…


  1. OK, the canby made me snort! That is hilarious!

  2. Queen Mommy says:


    Canby…more canby
    Toys…more toys


  3. Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart says:

    That is so cute. So, did they get candy?

  4. From time to time a little Canby is important for every list…

    However, on our Virtual Vacation can we have lots of hormone soothing virtual chocolate?

  5. Darn…I can’t believe you noticed and didn’t just purchase the “toy, canby, more toy, and more canby”!

    TOO cute! I love it when boys giggle!

  6. Happy Campers says:

    At least you don’t find things like “penis cream” and “lube” on your list. Thanks, Hubby. He’s so funny. 🙂

  7. Wow, am I glad my girls can’t write yet. 🙂

  8. Really, there is nothing at all better than children laughing hysterically (especially in the car) at something other than bodily functions!

    And shopping as a FAMILY outing? Wow!

  9. Those boys sure are clever and love their canby and toys.

  10. SuburbanCorrespondent says:

    You can buy ground beef at your Target? Is that a Texas thing?

  11. I’m jealous – must be a super Target.

    So funny #3 – shows your boys are smart!

  12. we have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen where the list grows until it’s shopping time. i shudder to think what will be added to my so-readily available list over the years.

  13. First off, that doesn’t look like major shopping – I remember our lists when we only had three, and… Wow! You are very efficient in the kitchen, I bet.

    Wait a minute… I think I read somewhere…

    Where are the WAFFLES!!

  14. Marcy - The Glamorous Life! says:

    Don’t you feel like sometimes you are living in a sitcom?

    Sure a sit-com with plenty of bodily function jokes…but still.

    Dang, and now I crave some canby too!

  15. the planet of janet says:

    wait. you make a SHOPPING LIST????

    i bow to your obviously superior domestic skills, ms. cleaver. i. am. not. worthy.

  16. This is why my list is on the computer separated by different aisles 😉

    So did you get canby?

  17. this is adorable!!! brings back memories of when my kids were that young…

  18. Kendrawolf says:

    Add some canby to the list for me too!

  19. Domestic Spaz says:

    I love that they made you read it so they could laugh. That’s good memories!

  20. On a limb with Claudia says:

    Wait. I want some canby too. Lots of canby…. wait… what’s canby again? 😉

    One of the things I love about you is how much delight you take in these boys. I always smile.

  21. laughingatchaos says:

    Gads, they ARE hard to stay ahead of, ain’t they? 😉
    What kind of canby do they like, or are they not picky? LOL!

  22. Melizzard says:

    Never know when you might need a little Canby

  23. Threeundertwo says:

    Imagine actually using that list. Toy: check. Candy: check. More toy: ok, wow, I didn’t realize I needed more toys. *and* candy? Wish I’d known about this when I was in the candy aisle before. . .

  24. I was thinking CAN BUY more toys, but Candy with a cute…but I write that on my lists, so now i’m kinda embarassed.

  25. Your boys are adorable and the list was hilarious. Okay on to more important topics. Could it be that I have found a second SB Chai Tea addict in the world? If I didn’t have kids, I might call them my reason for living.

  26. more canby!! more canby!!!!

  27. That’s a riot! Having girls, I don’t know what the car trip is like laughing about bodily functions, but I spend a lot of time mediating “She’s looking at me!” “She’s got her foot on my carseat!”

  28. as I like to say, ‘Canby is a sometimes treat.” I guess it has to go on the list sometimes.

    I have a 5 year old and the bodily function noises are always a sure laugh! Where do they learn that?

  29. Found your site recently and I have been enjoying it.

    My girls (9 and 7) frequently add ice cream. Since it is summer, I am surprised that didn’t make the list!

  30. Happy Campers says:

    I forgot to say…I too have discovered the awesomeness of the Sunday morning grocery store trip!

    I go to WallyMart every Sunday morning…alone…to shop. It's empty & quiet & I can get it done so quickly!

  31. says:

    I’ve never heard Holly Holly oxen free. Hollyanna yes. Not that though.

    I’m so with you on the chai tea latte part, but soy? Why soy??

    Did we pick a restaurant yet?

  32. That is too funny! It reminds me of the time that my 6 year old wrote go to grocery store on my to-do list on the chalkboard. I guess she was getting a little tired of eating cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

  33. Elaine A. says:

    Well, as long as we are adding to the list I am gonna go ahead and put

    $500 gift card for Elaine

    Those kids of yours totally crack me up. Smart little skamps…

  34. Nanny Goats In Panties says:

    32 pounds of ground beef?!?!? Good God!

    …oh, the “2” is crossed out.


  35. EatPlayLove says:

    Very Cute! I love seeing other people’s grocery lists, it’s very intriguing to me. Did I say that?

  36. Jennifer H says:

    You know that’s not the last time they’re going to do that, right?

    Cute boys you have!

  37. Kalynne Pudner says:

    I hope you’re planning to keep that list for another 40 years or so. Like my mother did with the note I wrote to our milkman (in blue crayon) asking him to please leave two bottles of chocolate milk, signed by my mother. She pulled it out a couple of years ago and sent it to MY 14-YO DAUGHTER. (Oh, yeah; with only boys, you might not get the full force of that timing.)

    Oh, and Nanny Goat, 32 pounds of ground beef is on my shopping list. For real.

  38. TX Poppet says:

    This is absolutely precious! Love it.

  39. Tootsie Farklepants says:

    Ahhhh… their additions to the list are only going to get more specific. Instead of just ‘toy’ it will be “Wii”.

  40. Mommy Cracked says:

    I hope you save that. Cutest thing I’ve read all day!! Have to love them for trying.

  41. noble pig says:

    Target wood? I love that…my kids think Target is just da’ bomb.

  42. Domestic Accident says:

    The list is a keeper. I would have totally caved and thrown some candy in the chart.

    Ah, now I’ll dream of my Target having a Starbucks some day. *sigh*

  43. Soliloquy says:

    WHO composes their grocery list in CALLIGRAPHY????

  44. I enjoy oogling clearance endcaps at Target. I love me some red pricetag clearance items. Car coffee mug anyone?

  45. Weaselmomma says:

    Too funny, You have to love when the kids actually work together to create an ambush for the parents. I would love a cup of coffee, do you have to start a fresh pot?

  46. Manic Mommy says:

    I was going to comment on your having a Starbucks in your Target until I thought about my Starbucks being in the Target parking lot – with a drive-thru. Then I felt like I was just sounding spoiled.

    PS mine is a 2% Venti Iced Chai with 8 pumps. My definition of nirvana (lowercase n).

  47. Limbic Resonance says:

    Ahhh. Starbucks. I actually made it out to a Starbucks today. I loved this story…what smart, adorable and funny kids!

  48. I have had an ongoing love affair with SuperTarget for a couple of years now. Where else can you get a Starbucks Cinammon Dolce Latte, ground beef, Zatarain’s rice mix, toys, AND canby — all in one trip?

  49. SuperTarget’s in Utah do not have Starbucks in them. I was appalled when I discovered this fact two years ago and almost loaded the uhaul back up and hightailed it back to Colorado.

    Love the grocery list!

  50. Melissa R says:

    I had no idea there are “super” Targets… ones that sell groceries. I thought only Walmarts had that goin’ on. Very interesting!

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