My daughter came home after Easter Sunday thrilled with the lesson she had learned!   She made a Gospel Fuzzies glove.   I need to preface this post by saying it is not original!   Her Sunday School teachers didn’t remember where they first found out about this activity, so if you are the creator, let me know so we can attribute you!   Basically, the concept is similar to the gospel bracelets I made in youth camp decades ago.   Each color represents a truth.   Only instead of a bracelet, my preschooler came home with a pom-pom decorated glove. .

Lyrics to the Gospel Fuzzies Song:

We’re the Gospel Fuzzies (x3) and we won’t hurt a flea. Gold stands for heaven (x3) where I want to be. Dark means I’m a sinner (x3) and I can’t get in. Red means Jesus died (x3) On the cross for me White means I’m forgiven (x3) as I trust in Him. Green means I am growing (x3) when I follow Him. .

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  1. So what do you say to “dark” skinned children? Are they to think that their skin means they are sinners? You really need to think of this “innocent” game from all perspectives…which you obviously have not done.

  2. Hi,

    The Gospel Fuzzies….like the Wordless Book have a CEF copyright. (Child Evangelism Fellowship) Never heard of it? Look it up on the web. Love kids? Have kids? Contact your local CEF missionary to find out how you can lead a Good News Club in your local elementary school. Blessings!

  3. Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my blog via UBP’10! Love your site, happy blogging! -Victoria
    .-= Victoria Gonzales´s last blog .. =-.

  4. I love that idea. I’ve never heard of using fuzzies, but I have seen a wordless book with the same colors and concepts. You put the pages in order and explain what each color represents.
    .-= LaToya´s last blog ..I ™m a Diva! =-.

  5. Hey Quirky:

    Thanks for visiting my site (we are kinda related blog-name wise!) and for your kind comments! I didn’t put on my blog, but the person who told me to hug my daughter was an ex-boyfriend of mine! LOL! I never take what he says too seriously.

    You have a very lovely blog, BTW!
    .-= Cheryl D.´s last blog ..Good Days, Bad Days =-.

  6. She is so adorable!!! I’m passing this along to our Sunday School teacher. Love it!

  7. I love your blog name. We’re a bit quirky over here too. 🙂
    Cute little gospel fuzzies, but even cute little daughter of yours! Adorable!
    So nice to meet you.