online Nintendo 3DS play between friends

I can’t be the only mom that has had this question this week.

nintendo 3ds in blue

Here is the scenario:

  • New Nintendo 3DS for Christmas
  • Kid went to school and found out that 5 DEAREST friends also got a Nintendo 3DS
  • Friend codes were exchanged
  • and then this…

Mom!   I NEED to play online with my friends.

This is where moms with tech-savvy kids get into trouble.

They know more than us.


We have to ACT like we know what we are doing to maintain family credibility.

The first thing I did was to go in and make sure that my parental controls allowed for online access…up until this point, they did not.

Then I added the friend codes once we were connected to the internet.

Side note:   After I changed the parental controls, the area where I add friend codes was still showing me offline until I clicked on MY avatar there.

Here is a really good video on how to add friend codes.

Simple enough for moms:

How to Add a Friend to Your Nintendo 3DS for… by 5minVideoGames

It is like sneaking take-out on the dinner table…you don’t even have to admit that you EVER saw this…

Holly is a Nintendo Ambassador and maintains her “cool mom” status through this title {and Nintendo sends her a special delivery every once in awhile}. Late at night, she can be found Googling questions related all things tech. She googled four ridiculous questions to be able to write this article and get her son’s friends on his 3DS.

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  1. Friend codes? Ruh-roh. I had no idea. Don’t tell my kids, ok? 😉

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