mini garden

To put it bluntly, growing things, as in plants, has never been my strong suit.

I love the idea of having indoor plants.

I just forget to water them.

When Fresh Express sent me a mini garden set, I decided to get the boys involved.   They are really good at NOT letting me forget stuff and I should harness that power for the benefit of life.

Plant life.

I started by sending them out on a rock finding mission.   They are rock experts and have relocated literally tons of them in our yard.

We then added some dirt.

It was time for planting seeds.

And then the all important watering.

And then our Arugula was planted.   I am going to keep it on the porch for a few weeks while the weather is still warm and sunny and then move it inside if the weather does cool down.  

It will, won’t it?

Just in case it doesn’t grow, I have a plan B.

Plan B is to head to the grocery store with $1.00 off coupons for Artisanal Salads from Fresh Express which contain Arugula (and doesn’t need to be watered).

This is week two of my Artisanal Ambassadorship “ click   for a $1 off coupon like you see in my Plan B.

I will be an ambassador to the magical country of salad for a month. For my Artisanal diplomatic activity, I am being provided with free salads, the seed project as described above and all the Salad IQ test I can play.


  1. I have the same problem growing children. I always forget to feed and water them!

  2. we did an indoor gardening project at christmastime last year. you can purchase clear plastic ornaments that open at the top.. plant mini terrarium inside.. put the top on and you have a “live ornament”.. we don’t put them on the tree, instead we place them on candle holders near a window.. the last one just died 9 months later.. it probably would have survived longer if we watered it. it is a pretty self contained system. so much fun! Great gift too!

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