The Blue Jeans Bar in Dallas

I was excited to see The Blue Jeans Bar on today’s list of Juice in the City deals.

The Blue Jeans BarDEAL:   $75 Private 2-hour Shopping Event for Up to 40 People at The Blue Jeans Bar

One of my girlfriends bought this event at a charity auction a few years ago and invited me to go along on a fun Girls Night Out.

It was so fun.   There ended up to be about 10 of us.

The Blue Jeans Bar is a comfortable place to hang out.   They not only have a “bar area”, but a large seating area with over-sized chairs.   They provided appetizers and drinks and the space to try on jeans.

I am NOT the easiest person to fit when it comes to jeans so it was great to have not only the store personnel helping me, but 9 friends as well.

During the party we all got 15% off the purchase price.   I ended up buying a pair of jeans that became my favorites for over two years.

They were my go-to jeans.

And super cute.

And fit great.

If you are looking for a fun night out with your girlfriends, I highly recommend this outing!

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