This week my kids and I prepared to take a donation over to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County on behalf of Nissan as part of the fun of Holiday Quest. Children's Advocacy Center for Denton County buildingNissan will be making a cash donation, but I wanted to take something additional that the CAC needs today.   I emailed the Center and asked what their needs were.   The email that I received back was heartbreaking.   They were in desperate need of stuffed animals, coats, underwear and shoes for children.   They related that their most urgent need was shoes. After all these kids have been through…they also need shoes? It just makes my heart hurt. We went shopping on behalf of She is Dallas thanks to Nissan! CACDC needs donations shopping tripThe boys each save a little money from their allowance weekly for such things and they had a ton of fun picking out the stuffed animals.   Rhett(5) is obsessed with nice pajamas and found some he adored and wanted to buy as well.   I found some great coats on sale at Old Navy and those sparkly pink winter boots at Walmart. I drove over to the Children’s Advocacy Center this morning to make the drop-off. CACDC with Nissan QuestI met with Dan Leal who is the Executive Director and opened up the back of the Quest. CACDC donation in back of Nissan QuestAs always, Dan and the staff of the Children’s Advocacy Center were BEYOND gracious.   They wanted to learn more about Holiday Quest and the fun surrounding the program.   We stopped for a photo op {That is just part of being around me}. Holiday Quest photo op at CACDCWe took the donation inside the building.   Dan wanted to show me something that was added last week.   It has been nearly a year since my last visit to their LOVELY homey building.   They have continued to add beautiful murals including this one which has a very special meaning: CACDC healing treeWhen children come to the Center for the first time, they place their hand prints on a wall of the center.   This tree above signifies a graduation of sorts.   This tree will be decorated with the hand prints of children who completed the therapy program. This tree promotes a bright future. The entire time I toured the Children’s Advocacy Center today, the blue light flashed. Nissan provided a loan of the Nissan Quest for this program, a gift card for my family as we use the vehicle, and a contribution to a charity of my choice in my community.

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