dallas aquarium

If you are in the Dallas area, one of the things you really shouldn’t miss is the Dallas World Aquarium.   It is a really interesting tour that spirals down through all the different levels of life.

It isn’t just fish.

Dallas World Aquarium – 1801 N Griffin St., Dallas, TX 75202;   214-720-2224

Dallas World Aquarium

I like to try and go when there aren’t going to be crowds.   When there are less aquarium visitors, it is easier to move and your own pace and negotiate the path with a stroller.

Several times a day they have feeding times for different animals.   The otter feeding is a lot of fun.

Flamingos at the Dallas World Aquarium

A one-way trail winds you through different levels of plant and animal life. You start at the top with birds and tree tops ending with stream and ocean bottoms passing all the environments between.

Dallas World Aquarium

It seems very authentic – like you just happened upon a sweet little tide pool that happens to have polka-dotted string rays.

Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas Aquarium facilities are beautiful.   It is a scenic view in every direction.   It is a place that you definitely want your camera.

Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas Aquarium grounds can be strolled through quickly in less than an hour. We usually spend 1 1/2 to 2 hours when we visit. There is a cute cafe in the middle for snacks or lunch.

Dallas World Aquarium

The Dallas World Aquarium is one of those rare places that kids absolutely love and parents will enjoy it too.


  1. Very cool! My favorite was the close-up of the seahorse. I find them so fascinating.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  2. Fun pics. Nothing better than mixing learning with fun.

  3. We love aquariums and will have to stop by next time we are in D/FW

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