Ashleigh: God's Miracle Baby

Ramona Antillon lives in Grand Prairie.   She is a Christian woman, a wife, and a mother of four children.

Twenty-three weeks along into her pregnancy with her daughter, she was told that Ashleigh had only a 20 percent chance of survival.

Ramona kept a journal of Ashleigh’s birth and early life and now, eight years later, has turned it into her first book Ashleigh: God’s Miracle Baby.

Ramona states that she wrote Ashleigh: God’s Miracle Baby because, “I want Ashleigh's story to help others who may face a difficult birth of a child or for those who are sick to know that God is their healer! Medicine alone wasn't enough to heal my daughter, it was by the healing hand of God that she was healed and is now living a normal life! I know that we serve an awesome God and that He is our healer. As you read this book I pray that you will be blessed and you too will know that He is your healer; He is the God of all flesh and nothing is too hard for Him with God all things are possible!!!!”

She Is Dallas:   The Grand Prairie Main Library, 901 Conover Drive, will host a reading and book signing of Ashleigh: God’s Miracle Baby featuring Grand Prairie resident and author Ramona Antillon from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 11.   For more information, please visit the Grand Prairie Library website.   You can also follow Ashleigh: God’s Miracle Baby on Facebook.

Here’s an excerpt from Ashleigh: God’s Miracle Baby:

“It was about 2 ™oclock in the morning. I remember waking up to the most unbearable pain in my stomach I had ever felt! I thought to myself it's too soon to be in labor I ™m only 5 months along! The pain continued and grew stronger, it wasn't until 4 ™oclock that I decided it was best to call an ambulance to come and take me to the hospital. The ambulance arrived shortly after and took me to the hospital. On the morning of May 26, 2001, while I was in the ambulance, the paramedic wanted to take me to the closest hospital. I refused. I told him to take me to the hospital my doctor was at, and the paramedic refused. I ™ll never forget the paramedic on duty that morning. He argued with me a little and was set on not taking me to the hospital of my choice. I insisted that there was no way I was ready to have this baby; after all, I was only twenty-three weeks along. He then looked at me and very firmly said, Ma ™am, if you have this baby now, this baby will not make it!  That's when I agreed to go to Arlington Memorial Hospital. God knew what he was doing; he placed that paramedic on duty that morning. Ashleigh was born at Arlington Memorial Hospital for a special purpose!”


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