One of the things I have been careful about here is to filter my writing about my children as to not embarrass them or scar them for life.

I prefer to have my actual parenting do that.

boy struggles in water

Because of this, I haven’t fully written about some of our daily struggles.

I don’t think this is the time or the place.

This year has been a pretty big challenge with one of my kids to the point where I was questioning everything from my mothering credentials to our decision to partially homeschool.

Let’s just all agree that we have had some really rough days.

Today, two things happened that were completely unexpected and potentially in a parallel universe…

The first occurred on the way to school this morning.   We were all chatting about silly things when Reid(7) mentioned that he had seen the inside of the principal’s office.   Knowing full well that it was during his initial interview, I started teasing him that it was because he had gotten into trouble.   He was smiled and re-told how he had only gotten into trouble at school ONE time when he was in first grade.   He had his name written on the board because he was talking to the boy next to him.   Ryan(9) stated that he hadn’t gotten in trouble at school in all the years he had been attending.   Reid turned to him earnestly and said, “Ryan, that is because you are so NICE.”

*insert warm mommy heart here*

The second happened on the way home this evening.   I asked the boys how their day had gone and they were giving a report – as full as can be expected from two boys who never tell their mommy anything.   I heard about test scores and recess.   A pause occurred and then Ryan said, “Mom, for some reason today was a good day”.

*insert warm mommy heart here*

And then he went on to tell Reid that sed was the Latin word for butt* and I realized that I had returned to real life.

*After consulting a fourth grade Latin textbook, I found that sed is actually the Latin word for but.


  1. LOL. I Love Latin : )
    I love your kids, too.
    My Johnnie would love to hang out at you house…if we lived, say withing 800 miles or something : ) Have another GREAT Day!
    Pax Christi!

  2. Those sound like some precious moments 🙂

  3. Sweet, yes! But better yet, your listening to your children. What is said verbally and non verbally. Great mommy skills. Also you protect them from the big world in safe ways….Smart Mommy. Third and we always need a third point so we sound smart……You are thinking of their best interest. What works for them, not what works for all. Good that you see maybe they need more than home schooling and more than traditionally classroom. Seems your finding a balance many of us would love to achieve.

  4. So cute. You have to just love little boys, especially when two or more of them are together. I have two now grown sons and they would come up with some real interesting conversation. Now I’m so blessed to have grandsons and my 4 and 6 yr. olds sound just like your boys. So fun!

  5. i love being a fly on the wall during my kids conversations. my seven year old was convinced that her classmate’s baby brother was named Dynamite… we still giggle when we realized his name was actually Dominic. Dynamite is still a pretty cool name!!! 🙂

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