We spent the day at the pool (not ours) with a dog (not ours) and it was pretty magical. Reid(7) and Taffy(dog years) splashed, swam, jumped and fetched for hours. At first Reid was throwing a ring into the pool for Taffy to fetch. Then Taffy started dropping a torpedo into the deep end for Reid to fetch. After fetching the torpedo 25+ times Reid said, “I think Taffy is confused and thinks I am the dog.”

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  1. I came for a visit over from Martha Points. I love these photos, and the long vertical crop. It was so pleasing to view. I’m a bit of a photo nut, and thought I would share my weird observations. Loved the comment at the end. I think Taffy is confused.
    Have a great day.

  2. Great photos! My oldest had a ton of fun playing with his uncle’s dog in the pool a couple weeks ago

  3. Beautiful pictures. Looks like Reid made a great friend. Just hope he doesn’t think he needs a new pet now!