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  1. here because you’re following me on twitter. so i had to find out more about you. because you’re texasholly. and my niece is holly. from texas. fort worth.

    i just wanna say, thanks for not being my niece. whew.

  2. Those pictures are especially neat to see because when I was in nursery school we lived in Forth Worth. I have very VERY sketchy memories of Fort Worth… I remember red ants and prickle things that stuck in my frilly little girl undies. I remember a hot summer and a crazy snow. We kept our Texas plates for a while and we would be across the country only to have someone ask in a great Texan accent, “What part of Texas y’all from??!” 🙂

  3. Is this a cow museum? Ya never know in Texas……we probably have a wheat museum here in Kansas….I am going to google that…..because maybe they sell bread……like you I have an obsession with bread.

    I also have an obsession with Booty-Pop now too…..I need the booty-pop….I really do…….I have always wanted an ass but I don’t have one….the hubs says I have a micro-mini booty….yes its that small…….but I def don’t want uni-booty so I might have to pass on Booty-pop.

    Ok, so to continue with my obsessions….I recently made a post about the blogs I love……and your blog is on there…..I know surprise, right?…..I do love your blog
    If you want to check it out:


  4. Love these photos! It’s been awhile since I’ve been there for fun and not business or drs appts. Need to go back.