self portrait

Taken in the room of mirrors at the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit — Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.


  1. Now I love and miss you more than ever.

  2. Why don’t I ever think of fun and cool ideas??? Awesome pic.

  3. I love it.
    This is just foreshadowing for when you simultaneously appear on millions of TV sets. And when that happens, you do know that I’ll be forced to blow our connection all out of proportion from merely cross-commenting to “we hung out a lot. I gave her many of her ideas.”

  4. Hey we saw this exhibit! unfortunately, it was at the end of 3 hours at the museum, with me by myself and my 5 kids. I was like, “yeah, yeah. that’s cool. LET’S LEAVE NOW!!!”

  5. you are gorgeous and this is super cool!

  6. Cool pic! I’d enlarge that to wall size and use it as wallpaper in my house! (Well, in my fantasy world, I’d do that!)

  7. I love your pictures, especially the perspective here.

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