Once upon a time in 2001 a teddy was born to a family. The teddy arrived several months before the baby. The teddy was given in celebration of the expectation of a first born son. The teddy and the baby were perfect. The teddy and the baby were the same size. The baby and the teddy shared the same bed. Sometimes the new mom hugged the teddy because he was much quieter then the baby. Each month the mother took a picture of her baby next to the teddy. (Three months) Each month the baby grew as the teddy remained steadfast. (Nine months) Months turned into years and milestones were marked to the teddy reference. (Two years) As the baby grew, he became attached to the teddy. Teddy provided constant companionship. Teddy slept silently beside him. Teddy could calm his toddler storms. As teddy became increasingly necessary to daily activities, the wear and tear started showing… A missing bow. A lopsided mouth. A floppy mended neck. Because this teddy had been born to a very wise mother, a search was started for a duplicate teddy. A teddy to hug while the original was in the wash. A teddy to hold away from home. A teddy to relieve the increasing worry over potential teddy-loss. The mother searched, hunted and Googled. The teddy replacement news was not good. This was a special teddy. A limited edition teddy. A teddy only sold for one season at Gymboree. Yet, a glimmer of hope…eBay. Surely someone in the world would sell teddy. The mother watched the site of auctions patiently. There were many teddies, but no teddies that would do. Until… One day the mother saw this teddy on eBay. He was perfect in every way. He looked identical in every way. He was bid on with excitement. He was won in triumph. The search was over. A new teddy is on his way. The box arrived. Something was awry. The box was 6 inches by 6 inches. How would such a small box hold such a dear prize? Sometimes a picture is not worth a 1000 words. Sometimes dimensions would be helpful. The wise mother was outfoxed by eBay. The wise mother knows when to call it quits. The wise mother called off the search and guarded the original teddy (now called BIG teddy) with her life. Placing a mental GPS on his whereabouts. Washing him gently. Mending him with care. To this day the boy still sleeps with his teddy (shhhhhh). And on this day as the wise mother tucked the two in bed she thought how foolish it was to think that either one of them could be replaced. This was originally published on August 20 ,2008

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  1. Oh my goodness Holly, you could replace the name Teddy with Floppy and it would be my 9yo boys story. Floppy has been lost a few times and has traveled by FEDEX, which is something I always wanted to do. He was thrown out the window once and my husband called me in a panic. I told him in no way should he go back and try to pluck that dog off of 820! I started calling stores looking for replacement Floppy. But dad did not do what I told him. He went back and found Floppy on the side of 820 and stopped and picked him up. I am lucky to have husband, son and stuffed animal today!

    Then a year later came a pink dog called Fluffy. Ugh! Not again!

  2. I LOVE this. Nothing beats a well loved teddy.

    (When the hubs and I were getting married I ordered our cake topper off of eBay. This was before digital cameras were popular, so i blind bid on “Toy like Wedding Cake Topper”. We received CHEWED ON Fisher Price Little People – but they were a bride and groom, needless to say we didn’t use. That darn sneaky eBay!)

  3. None of my kids had a lovey when they were little. However, my nephew had a cute hand made rag doll when he was little. After it started to fall apart, my sister was able to substitue another toy, but that started to wear out, too. The final solution was a raggedy andy doll. They are usually available at toys r us /amazon.com. The new ones have different patterned clothes, but the features on the dolls are about the same.

    I’ll have to ask him if he still has raggy (nephew is 19 now). 🙂

  4. I thought Teddy was a girl and she had a baby Teddy 🙂 What a really sweet story!